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2006-12-17, 01:31 AM
Forgotten Realms has a couple Regional feats that these are directly based off of; the first is Arcane Schooling, which allows you to use spell trigger items as if you were a member of a certain arcane caster class, and makes said class a favored class. The second is Magical Training, which lets you cast 3 cantrips per day as if you are either a sorcerer or a wizard.

Religious Upbringing [Background]
You were raised in the traditions of your patron deity. Perhaps you served at the altar, recieved some early training as a cleric, or were raised by druids, but you know something of being a man (or woman) of the cloth.

Benefit: Choose one divine spellcasting class. You can activate spell trigger items as if you had 1 level in the selected class. The selected class also becomes a favored class for you, in addition to any others you may have.

Lay Priest [Background]
Your character has taken the preliminary vows to your patron deity. You are not a full cleric, but you have been granted some limited spellcasting ability by your patron.
Prerequisites: Wis 10, patron deity
Benefit: You can cast 3 0-level spells per day as any one divine spellcasting class. Your caster level for these spells is equal to your divine spellcaster level (minimum 1st) for the purpose of determining variables of the spells you cast. The DCs for saves against your spells is 10 + your Wis modifier. If your chosen class casts spells spontaneously (as a favored soul does), you know two spells from its spell list. Otherwise, you must prepare your spells each day. You may not convert your prepared spells to cure, inflict, or summoning spells.

2006-12-17, 01:45 AM
That's an excellent plan. I like the idea of creating a similar thing for the divine casters, since I always had an affinity for them.

2006-12-17, 01:54 AM
*chuckle* I mostly saw it in terms of "Gee, if I had this as a fighter, I could use those wands of CLW on myself!"

2006-12-17, 02:13 AM
Well yes, since they wouldn't actually benefit divine casters themselves. But still, you're spreading religion to the underclass.