View Full Version : Need help with some Demonic Spells.

2013-08-17, 07:58 PM
As part of a homebrew I was looking for demon(ic) flavored spells, for something similar to a Demon Domain. Unfortunately, I couldn't find that many fitting spells. Thus far I have Abyssal Might, Demon Wings and made up Abyssal Form (A modified Bite of the Werebear). I'm looking for two more spells, one of about 3rd level and the other about 5th or 6th level. I was even considering spells like Acid Rain, but wasn't quite what I was looking for. Does anyone have any suggestions? New spell ideas are welcome as well (I prefer to stay away from summon-like spells).

2013-08-17, 10:43 PM
The official Demonic Domain has a Planar Binding spell as the 5th and 6th level slots. Since we don't want that, we should look for a comparable spell that isn't a summoning spell. Some cool demonic ones that I've seen are in Fiendish Codex 1: Extract Gift (which basically lets you suck out a special ability or enhancement from a demon and transplant it to someone else), Befoul (which poisons/pollutes a large amount of water -- 8th level but kind of a plot spell!), and Demoncall (which gives you demonic insight for knowledge checks).

2013-08-18, 12:26 PM
Wow, Extract Gift is quite a elaborate spell, kind of a niche one though. The lower level spells will be available with a frequency of about once per encounter, so Demoncall might not be a good fit. After looking in the Fiendish Codex 1, I decided upon Entropic Vision for the lower level slot. Now I just need to find something for the higher level slot.

Anyone ideas for the higher level slot (5th/6th level)?