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2006-12-17, 06:14 PM
I'm currently working on a campain world and waned to include Skaven (or Ratlings) as a type of monster. (They'd nearly be replacing goblins, but thats a different thread entierly) I don't personaly have much experience at making monster stats so I thought I'd run my ideas past you to get your thoughts and comments/ideas.

-2 Str, +2 Dex
Small sized
Base Speed 20 Feet
+2 racial bonus to hide, move silently, and climb
Darkvision up to 60 feet
Favored class Rogue

These are he base stats as if you were making a character from one, the basic ratling would have the warrior class, but I did it this way because I love giving intellegent monsters class levels to keep players on their toes from time to time. Nothing beats the look on a player's face to find that after they've fought their way into the goblin stronghold that the leader has a few levels in fighter, or that his second hand is a cleric 2.

I was also considering giving them a specialized weapon as a class feature, the "Ratling Claws" though I think what I'm invisioning alreadymay have stats. A basic set of curved double blades that attatch to the wrist and back of the hand. Ninjas use a similar, slightly sleeker version of the design.

Hmm thinking about it I could just have many of them take the exotic WP for them as a feat...

They'd be for a small sized creature so I'd have hem as tiny weapons so they could be duel weilded and now that I think about it my original thought of 1d6 with a crit for 19-20 may be a bit much for that, making it a 1d8 for a normal sized character, but then if I drop it to 1d4 for small sized creatures it's really no better than a short sword...

Any thoughts or comments on either of these?

2006-12-17, 07:03 PM
Looking good, but you may want to think up some special abilities for it. Also, for clarity's sake, you should name the benefits of being small.

Also, not sure if this is 3.0 or 3.5, but weapons changed slightly in 3.5. There's no more actual weapon sizes. There's the categories for melee: Light, one-handed and two-handed. And weapons are available for different sizes. No longer is a longsword considered a two-handed sword for small creatures...

So your item would be a light melee weapon, doing, say 1d3 damage (like a dagger) for small creatures and 1d4 for medium?

2006-12-17, 07:25 PM
he lack of any spcial abilities is rather intentional, at base they should be along the same challenge rating as a goblin, so without any class levels they're pretty weak.

The weapon stats I had in mind were 1d6 (for a small creature weilding it at appropriate size, a medium creature would make it a d8)crit at 19-20, light weapon requering an exotic WP, though on one hand it sems a bi over powered and I'm not sure if the feat required balances that out or not.

2006-12-17, 08:21 PM
wait, are these stats for Skaven or for Ratlings?

Because Ratlings are the WH40k version of Halflings. Skaven are, well, rat men.

2006-12-17, 08:23 PM
Skaven, Ratling just sounds more generic and less likely to get me sued... so yeah... little rat guys

2006-12-18, 12:08 PM
Then use Rat-men if you fear the hammer of the inquisition!