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Milo v3
2013-08-19, 06:39 AM
My character has a mental issue similiar to split personalities, except they are more like sentient mentality voice thingies in his head. Orginally he had one which was basically Jerkass him, named Renegade. Then he got another which was his nice friendly side, which he named Paragon as a reference to Mass Effect.

That way he had Paragon and Renegade.

But recently he obtained a new one. A personality which is rather laid back, optimistic, and tries to get the main personality to calm down because it isn't going to be as bad as he thinks. But since I was using the morality from Mass Effect for the names, I have no idea what to call the new "split".

Any suggestions?

2013-08-19, 11:50 AM
Mezzo - in music, mezzo-soprano is a middle point between soprano and contralto, and mezzo means "middle, half, or medium."

Janus - the god of doorways and transitions, has two faces.

Houyhnhnm (pronounced hoowinim) - the intelligent horses of Gulliver's Travels, rational, calm beings with no emotion.

Nave - the central hub of a wheel, central space of a church.

The Dude

2013-08-19, 01:45 PM
Well, with the Mass Effect style, he'd be Paragade...

Balance, Mask, Empty, Calm, Libra, or Stillness could work.

Joe the Rat
2013-08-19, 02:26 PM
The Dude
There you go.

...okay, maybe something a little less laconic: Paramander.

I'd just go with The Dude, man. Or maybe Jeff.

Milo v3
2013-08-19, 04:35 PM
The Dude

Holy... Ok... This not only fits him perfectly, Dude may as well be this personalities' catchphrase.