View Full Version : Microlite20 - Magic Modification

2013-08-20, 04:11 PM
I was messing around with the M20 system in order to put together a game for my family and thought I might add a "Magic Point" system to the rules. What I did is take Level + MIND bonus + Knowledge +10. This usually gives the mage characters about 18MP. Every 2nd level (2, 4, 6, 8) they gain +1d6 MP. The cost is the same as the spell table in the M20 rules indicates, but uses the MP instead.

I thought this might be more fun for my kids. But I'm sure there may be some downsides to this. So before I playtest it with my family I was going to ask if anyone sees any obvious issues with using this and/or if there are any additional modifications I should make to better support this system - suggestions akin to 'toss this idea!' are welcome as well.

Also, as might be expected, MP can be restored after a night's rest. Though I have toyed with the idea of making a very rare Magic Potion that could restore a small (1d6?) amount of MP.

I just don't like the notion of using HP to fuel spells, but I did make a rule that a character can earn/purchase a "Talent" called "Blood Magic" which lets them use HP if they run out of MP but the cost is double the HP.