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2006-12-18, 03:33 PM
All credit goes to me.

Hero of Time

Among the ranks of warriors, fighters and barbarians are the heroes. Not ordinary heroes, but some of the greatest gladiators and knights may once have been a hero of time. These heroes transcend time with their great deeds, and are known through legends. Only the courageous may join them. The Hero of time has great skills in combat, along with many other miscellaneous adventuring techniques. Heroes of time make perfect defenders on the battlefield, and pretty good scouts. With their wide array of weapons, they can be most unpredictable.
Adventuring: Heroes of time go up to the front lines, whether in a war that will decide the fate of a continent, or a small skirmish they do best when close to their enemies. Heroes of time are usually wanderers, doing random good deeds for people, they also might protect the king. They often travel alone, because most of them work for free.
Characteristics: Heroes of time are often loners; because they have such a huge burden upon their shoulders they tend to push away help. They are very quick and agile, which is a necessity on the battlefield. They have a variety of weapons in their arsenal so they can support a diversity of strategies. They pack as much of a punch as fighters, but with more than one weapon. Heroes of time donít come from very rich or wealthy families, but instead they are orphans, that usually live in poverty.
Alignment: Heroes of time always do good deeds and never are once tainted by evil.
Religion: Religion is not focused on in the life of a hero of time. Mainly because of their burden to purify the world.
Background: Heroes of time are often unaware of their important destiny, and come from poverty because they have nothing else to lose and they donít want whatever happened to them happen to anyone else.
Races: The only race ever to pick up this class has always been human.

Abilities: Strength determines how much damage a hero of time can do, since they are a melee class, this is important. Dexterity and constitution are important for heroes of time just like any other class. Intelligence is useful as well because it helps them with their wide variety of skills.
Special: Heroes of time must be male, they also must be human. They must also have saved a town from terror or a mystery as a child. A bond must be made with a long sword at the age of 17.
Alignment: Any good.
Hit die: d8
Class Skills
The hero of timeís class skills are the following: Appraise, Climb, Disable device, Escape Artist, Jump, Knowledge (Nobility and royalty), Ride, Sense Motive, Survival, Swim, Tumble, Use Rope.
Skill points at 1st level: (6 + Int modifier) x 4.
Skill points at each additional level: 6+Int modifier.

Level Base Attack Bonus Fort Ref Will Special
A Heroís bonding, Special Mount, Immunities
Quick draw, Careful examination+1
Mounted Archery, Spin attack
Courageous rush, Careful examination+2
Mounted Combat, Magical spin attack
Careful Examination+3
True spin attack, Dodge
Spirited charge, Dinís Fire
Wild shape (Dire Wolf), Mobility
Magical seeing, Careful Examination+4
Rising spin attack, Spring attack
Flame arrows
Cold arrows
Light arrows, Bounding assault
Careful Examination+5, Fareoreís Wind
Weapons Legend
Master of the Elements
Nayruís Love
Champion of the 3
Triforce of courage

Class Features:
All of the following are the Hero of Timeís class features:
Weapon and armor proficiencies: A hero of time has proficiencies with the boomerang, Long sword, great sword, net, short bow, grappling hook, war hammer, shield (medium).

A Heroís Bonding: At 1st level, the bond a hero of time has made with their long sword becomes even stronger. Their weapon they have bonded with gains a +1 on attack and damage rolls (this stacks with other effects) and the weapon cannot be broken, or shattered. The hero knows where the weapon is at all times, and any creature that is of evil alignment cannot touch the weapon or take 2d4 points of non-lethal damage.

Bounding Assault: At 14th level, a hero of time gets bounding assault as a bonus feat.

Careful Examination: At 2nd level, a hero of time can take a standard action to study an opponentís movements within 20ft. If that opponent moves within the heroís threat range, or attacks the hero, the hero gets an extra attack with a +1 bonus on the attack roll (This effect stacks) before the opponent attacks. This action does not count as an attack of opportunity. This bonus increases to +2 at 4th level, +3 at 6th level, +4 at 10th level, and +5 at 15th level.

Champion Of the 3: Starting at 19th level, a hero of time can use the power of the 3 gods to become ethereal for 1 minute/per hero of time level.

Cold Arrows: Starting at 13th level, a hero of timeís arrows deal +2d6 cold damage.

Courageous Rush: Starting at 4th level, a hero of time can bull rush an opponent as if he had the improved bull rush feat. He is also allowed to make an extra attack with the weapon he is holding (If any) dealing damage before the bull rush. He also gets a +2 on the strength check.

Dinís Fire: Starting at 8th level, a hero of time can use his affinity with the goddess of fire to make a fire attack to all adjacent creatures dealing 4d10 damage (reflex half). A hero of time can use this ability once per day.

Dodge: At 7th level, a hero of time gets Dodge as a bonus feat.

Fareoreís Wind: Starting at 15th level, a hero of time can teleport anywhere he has previously visited. There is no chance he will arrive off target, and he can travel with anyone else. He can use this ability only once per day.

Flame Arrows: Starting at 12th level, a heroís arrows deal +2d6 fire damage.

Immunities: Starting at 1st level, a hero has immunities to fear, mind-affecting abilities and fey like charms.

Light Arrows: Starting at 14th level, a heroís arrows are now under the effect of smite evil.

Magical Seeing: Starting at 10th level, a hero of time can activate their innate ability with their eyes. This ability is a cone out to 30ft. and acts like a true seeing spell. A hero of time can use this ability once per day. A hero of time must concentrate to contain the cone. The duration of the cone lasts for a minute/hero of time level (provided the hero is still concentrating).

Magical Spin attack: Starting at 5th level, a hero of timeís spin attack range increment increases by 5ft.

Master of the Elements: Starting at 17th level, the heroís affinity with nature, time and his own personal limits allows him to master them. From here on, a hero of time is not affected by extreme heat, extreme cold, and can breathe underwater. Once a day, when a hero of time makes a jump check, he can move 5ft. in any direction before making the jump check. The reason for this is the heroís master of gravity to a short extent. He may also change his boots to a metal substance, allowing him to sink and other uses. He may use this ability once per day + his hero of time level.

Mobility: Starting at 9th level, a hero of time gets mobility as a bonus feat without regards to requirements.

Mounted Archery: Starting at 3rd level, a hero of time gets Mounted archery as a bonus feat.

Mounted Combat: Starting at 5th level, a hero of time gets mounted combat as a bonus feat.

Nayruís Love: Starting at 18th level, a hero of time can active this class feature once per day. This feature gives them damage reduction 10/1+hero of time level. This lasts for rounds=hero of time level-10

Quick Draw: Starting at 2nd level, a hero of time gets Quick draw as a bonus feat.

Rising Spin Attack: Starting at 11th level, a hero of time can use a spin attack to launch themselves into the air. They gain a fly speed equal to their move speed for the round they use this feature. This feature is a full-round action.

Special Mount: At 1st level, a hero of time can get a warhorse, light as a mount.

Spin Attack: Starting at 3rd level, a hero of time can make an attack against every opponent he is adjacent to. Every opponent threatened with this attack is flat-footed. This counts as a full round action and can use this ability 1+hero of time level times per day.

Spirited Charge: Starting at 8th level, a hero of time gets the spirited charge as a bonus feat.

Spring Attack: Starting at 11th level, a hero of time gets spring attack as a bonus feat.

Triforce of Courage: At 20th level, a hero of time has become a legend of light and courage. This ability allows the hero to become immune to grapples, trip attacks, disarm attempts, poison, confuse, charm, falling unconscious, sneak attacks and flanks. If a hero of timeís hit points falls below -10 while in this state, they remain alive and conscious. A hero of time gets foresight as a spell-like ability at will when in this state. A hero of time can use this ability once per day, and can stay in this state for cha modifiers +1 rounds.

True Spin Attack: Starting at 7th level, a hero of timeís attack range with their spin attack increases by 20ft.

Weapons Legend: Starting at 16th level, a hero of time gains proficiency with any weapon he is currently wielding.

Wild Shape (Dire Wolf): Starting at 9th level, a hero of time can wild shape into a dire wolf. A hero of time can use this ability equal to his hero of time level.

2006-12-18, 03:38 PM
First, re-arrange the table. It is a mess the way it is.

Second, re-arrange the special abilities according to level gained, not in alphabetical order. All the cool kids are doing it.

And it may be me being stupid as usual, but I fail to see the concept and inspiration. Can you clear it up for us people with SAS?

2006-12-18, 03:45 PM
If you allowed this class into your campaign you might as well remove the Fighter. As such, I'd say it is overpowered.

Flavor wise, male only? Why? It doesn't make sense. Why do they have to bond with a long sword? Couldn't they bond with a different weapon?

"At 1st level, the bond a hero of time has made with their long sword becomes even stronger. "

Even stronger than 0th level?

I'd reevaluate this entire class if you want it to be taken seriously.

2006-12-18, 03:47 PM
I made it for fun. You don't see what character it is based on? Legend of zelda.....LINK? I based it on him.

2006-12-18, 03:47 PM
Nayru's Love grants: DR 10 / 1 + Hero of Time level?


What material or alignment or stuff does that equate?

2006-12-18, 05:30 PM
The Hero of Time is one specific individual, not a title anyone can take up. As such a class for it isn't really appropriate. I'd suggest checking out Zelda D20. I think it's free for download (you should be ably to find it with a quick google search) and already has stats for OoT Link.

2006-12-19, 03:04 AM
More specifically, this seems to be Link from the newest zelda, The Twighlight Princess, with the Dire Wolf shape. Now, if I could read the table, I'd give an opinion, but as it stands, I'd say good idea but not really. Link can be much better (or at least more sensibly) emulated with various classes feats variants and so on. The master sword is most definitely a legacy item, for one. Link is probly a fighter, ToB class, or maybe psychic warrior. Din's fire/Farore's wind/Nayru's love would probly be magic items activated with the user's power points, unfortunately psychic warrior has too many options to work.

With all this in mind, I'd say link is mostly fighter, with feats to get various martial maneuvers for the sword spin and other attacks. He has magic items that grant his bow frost/flaming/brilliant energy while draining some resource (maybe uses up maneuvers instead of pp), as well as the god's magic crystals and the bow/hammer/hookshot and other weapons. He probly has the weapon storing cloak from the player's guide to faerun to hold them all without any visible effort. The master sword is a legacy item with activation rituals differing upon the game. The triforce of courage is mostly a symbol, but could grant some sort of fear immunities if it needs something tangible. Other abilities such as the wolf transformation are by no means standard.

And now I'm gonna go look for that Zelda d20, just to see whats up.

2006-12-19, 03:17 AM
he has more bonus feats than a fighter and more special abilities than a monk o_O
spin attack.... so he can do whirlwind attack x/day at lvl 3?

i like how you've incorperated alot of the link aspects, however you might concider lowering the arrows down to +1d6, x arrows / day?

i don't know much about gesalts(?) but this would be an interesting class for that (you can only have this, not 2)

2006-12-19, 03:10 PM
I mean, I would make a rule stating that you cannot prestige out of this class. Maybe.

2006-12-19, 04:05 PM
I knew it was link ever since i saw hero of time......which was the very beginning. I also think that you should have a turn redead ability at lvl 12.

2006-12-19, 04:11 PM
and stricly speaking if it is tp link then there should only be one specail arrow one that does a 5ft burst of fire damage

2006-12-19, 04:28 PM
Originally posted by Gemini
Nayru’s Love: Starting at 18th level, a hero of time can active this class feature once per day. This feature gives them damage reduction 10/1+hero of time level. This lasts for rounds=hero of time level-10

Why are you using the 3.0 damage reduction system? Even using that system, that kind of damage reduction is extremely overpowered. The entire class is rather unbalanced.

Khantalas, the 3.0 damage reduction system had it so if you had DR 10/+3, only +3 or higher magic weapons could overcome the damage reduction.

2006-12-19, 10:39 PM
Well, after skimming the Zelda d20, I find that while it's okay, it's still lacking in many areas I would have liked to see. Link's stats for example, didn't seem to have anything regarding his usual spin attack. But, all in all, it was quite good. I especially liked the write-ups of all the races, though I didn't read them all through. Very nicely done.

Grey Knight
2006-12-20, 04:40 PM
All credit goes to me.

Now, that's not strictly true, is it? :smallwink:

Tussy the Druid
2006-12-20, 07:39 PM
have to agree with one thing: over powered

Other than that, like that class a lot.

2006-12-21, 11:47 PM
it's cool and all but it seems like you made it too link based. that's some pretty strict railroading. also how does one become a hero of time other than being a 17 year old male making abond with a sword, who saved a town as a child, also wouldn't it be hard to do that if you dont have another class? it would be a much better prestiege class in my opinion

2006-12-22, 01:03 AM
Let's see...

First off, tables hurt my eyes.

Secondly, why does the Hero of Time have proficiencies with just select weapons? It should be all simple and martial weapons, just like any other basic martial-oriented class.

Also, why just shields? And what's a medium shield? Plus, for a frontline fighter, unless he has some other kind of AC bonus he needs at least some kind of armor proficiency.

Thirdly, why is this a base class? It should be a Prestige Class, especially if it has a male-only requirement.

Also, abilities listed by order of attainment, not alphabetically.

And as far as the abilities...

On the subject of a Hero's Bonding, I don't really like this ability. This is supposed to be Link, right? A major part of all Link games is to go out and find the Master Sword. I agree, it should be a Legacy Weapon that you need to find in order to enter the class.

Regarding Champion of the 3 (which you should probably write out as Three, it tends to look better that way), where does this ability come from? It seems profoundly un-Link.

The arrow abilities are all extremely overpowered. You should have to sacrifice something in order to get that bonus damage.

Din's Fire probably should be a higher level ability, but I'm not sure on that.

Fareore's Wind is also questionable.

Naryu's love isn't in 3.5 rules and is also overpowered.

And on the subject of the Goddess spells, they are very Ocarina of Time. I'd prefer a Link based more around what he can do in all of the games, based on what he can do in one of the games.

All of the Spin Attack feats are hideously overpowered. Free Whirlwind Attack that also makes them flat-footed at level 3 and gets way better over time? No way.

Triforce of Courage is way too much, even for a 20th level ability.

Wild Shape as many times per day as your level? No way. Plus, this is pretty specific to Twilight Princess. As with the Goddess Spell abilities, I don't think this ability fits into the flavor of the general Hero of Time at all if it's supposed to be Link in general (which the fact that it has abilities that appear in several games implies). Plus it can be used too often to be balanced.

2006-12-22, 03:02 AM
Bleh, I hate the tables here. Right, I had formatted the class information into a table, found how to do it from James Osari's Soldier class, and can't get either table to work here. Enough fiddling. So... comments, without table.

Odd race restriction - very few base classes (that I know of at least) outright say that only certain races can belong to it - this is usually the case with core classes. Also, unless it's been changed, the people of Hyrule tend to be rather pointy ears, and thus would probably translate into AD&D as elves.

Special requirements only exist for prestige classes. Also, I'd advise against dictating player's back stories by requiring that they already heroically saved their town in the past.

The skill points are high for a melee class - most of the frontline classes have 2 + Int, with the barbarian having 4 + Int.

The save progressions for Fortitude and Will aren't standard - AD&D has Poor and Good, and while Reflexes follows the Good progression, Fortitude ends up as 'almost Good' and Will as 'a little better then Poor'. I'd probably adjust it so Fortitude follows the 'Good' progression and Will follows the Poor progression.

A Hero's Bonding - Free (and stackable) Weapon Focus and part of Weapon Specialization. Also makes your weapon sunder-proof, though whether that matters depends on how rough your DM wants to play.

Special Mount - Gives the Hero of Time an extra 150gp at 1st level, though easily negated if your DM likes dungeon crawls, where horses generally can't go.

Immunities: Immunity to Mind-affecting spells, powers and abilities? As well as fear and fay-type charm effects? This renders the character immune to a number of control spells, such as hold person, dominate person, as well as most of the symbol and word-based spells (Symbol of Sleep, Power Word: Stun, etc.).

Careful Examination: A bonus AoO that triggers when an opponent moves into range of the character or attempts to attack. Not only that, but it gets bonuses to hit. Before level 6, when iterative attacks kick in, the standard sequence once you're fighting is 'I study the orc. I attack the orc. Orc's turn, I attack the orc again when it tries to attack me.'

Spin Attack: Whirldwind Attack with the benefit of also denying your enemies their dexterity bonus. Its only limitation is that it can only be used class level +1 times a day... which isn't much of a limitation later on.

Courageous Rush: Improved Bull Rush on steroids. All the benefits of Improved Bullrush, a total of a +6 to your strength check, AND you get an attack every time you use this.

Magical Spin Attack: Now allows you to attack like you have a reach weapon.

True Spin Attack: You now have a 30' area of effect attack. (since this stacks with previous increases)

Din's Fire: Pretty powerful when you first get it, and stays powerful until the very highest levels.

Wild Shape (Dire Wolf): More flavor then useful. Can be useful as a disguise (No here hero, just this big wolf... really!), but not as effective in combat as the character's natural shape.

Magical Seeing: A somewhat limited True Seeing spell - since I don't believe you can maintain concentration and attack at the same time, it isn't overpowered since the effects don't linger.

Rising Spin Attack: Allows you to expend Spin Attack uses to fly at your base speed that round. You might want to include maneuverability, since that affects how exactly you can move in the air.

Flame Arrows: All arrows now do 2d6 fire damage.

Cold Arrows: All arrows now do 2d6 fire damage and 2d6 cold damage, as the abilities do not state that the hero must choose to deal one or another type of damage.

Light Arrows: All arrows now do 2d6 fire damage, 2d6 cold damage, and have the Hero's charisma bonus added to attack rolls, and class levels added to the damage total. No limits at all to the number of times this can occur. (so at 20th level, let's say the hero has 14 charisma ... all arrows do 1d6 + 2d6 fire damage + 2d6 cold damage + 20 damage... or 25-50 damage per arrow, four arrows per round, all with a +2 to hit. And this is before modifiers from a magical bow or already magical arrows.)

Fareoreís Wind: Greater Teleport 1/day

Weapons Legend: Basic, Martial, and all Exotic Weapon Proficiencies, all at once.

Master of the Elements: Immunity to environmental hazards, as well as a permanent Water Breathing spell. You might want to put time limits in, or define which functions require activation and are limited to hero level + 1 / day

Nayru's Love: You're using the 3.0 version of damage immunity, which was all chanaged to damage immunity / magic, with no difference in grade of magic. As written however, the hero of time has DR 10/+19-+21 (as in can only be pierced by weapons of a +21 or better enchantment), or DR 28-30/+1, for 8-10 rounds. The first interpretation is only powerful, the second can end up extremely broken, though at the 18th level and above, most challenges will strike as if using a magic weapon or be carrying the same, so it isn't completely game-winning.

Champion of the Three: Flavor text (which three gods in AD&D's sprawling pantheons?) is uncertain, but being able to go ethereal isn't too unheard of, but the duration is 10 times as long as the Monk's ability. (A 20th level monk can manage 2 minutes. A 20th level Hero manages 20.)

Triforce of Courage: Er... wow, the hero's immune to almost everything but hitting him in the face repeatedly and violently, And even if you do get him down to -10, he doesn't die. Combine this with Nayru's love, and you have a nearly invincible hero for 1-10+ rounds, depending on the charisma modifier. As a text note, the hero is immune to confuse effects due to his 1st level immunity to mind-affecting abilities.

Bonus Feats:
Quick Draw
Mounted Archery
Mounted Combat
Spirited Charge
Spring Attack
Bounding Assault

+8 bonus feats (7 regular + 1 human feat)

Alright... as it is, this class is completely overpowered for PC play. I can see it on an NPC, but even there he'll be more powerful then the standard CR would indicate. You end up with 16 feats by level 20, arrows that deal 25-50 damage as the text is currently written, DR 30/magic for 10 rounds, and a number of combat options that exceed the feats they're drawn from.

It does hit the points of the Zelda games, but if you want it to be more balanced for AD&D play, a couple suggestions:

Par down the bonus feats - Between class abilities and the directly listed ones, you have as many as a fighter, several better then he can ever acquire (Courageous Rush and the Spin Attack tree come to mind), as well as more options through the class features.

Clearly define how the arrow abilities work - as it's written right now, the player has every right to assume that all his arrows strike for fire damage, ice damage, and smite evil. Arrows of Light MUST be set to a limited number of times per day, and I'd suggest a lower number then the paladin gets. 1/day or 3/day at most.

Remove the extensions to the radius of the spinning attacks. Getting the whirlwind attack feat free without the prerequisites is enough, being able to hit all enemies within 30' is simply overpowered. I'm fine with using the spinning attack abilities to fly, as long as you cannot make attacks while doing so - items of flying will quickly become better if the campaign needs flying that much.

Nayru's Love is also overpowered - even level 18-20 challenges will have trouble doing damage through DR 30 / magic, though any enemy that strikes as if it has magic or is using an enchanted weapon will get through, so it isn't as bad as it could be.

Triforce of Courage makes the Hero a combat monster for a while, and the ability to grant Foresight at will allows him to buff everyone in the party with a 9th level spell (although only he would get the +2 AC and Reflex save bonuses). Activate both Triforce of Courage and Nayru's Love at the same time gives what's probably 3-8 rounds of near-immortality.

But yah... the major offender at the moment for me is the arrow abilities. I wouldn't play any other class if I had the opportunity to do 100-400 damage a round, every round, as long as I have arrows handy.