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Lord Xaedien
2006-12-18, 07:26 PM
I am creating my own quasi futuristic psionic campaign setting, and I want the world to have few magical items. The magical items that do exist are mostly going to be weapons and "special" items, things that grant extraordinary effects (like dimension door or blur), rather than simple things like AC bonus or saving throws.

I know that I am already going to do the defense bonus variant from Unearthed Arcana, but I definently feel like I need something more to make my players not feel weak, and to held make the CR of monsters still fitting in this world. Does anyone have suggestion on how to help out with this?

Before I talk anymore, let me say this. I DONT WANT TO USE VOW OF POVERTY.

I don't mind using something like VoP, but I have no divine magic in my world, as this plane has been cut off from all others, limiting the ability for divine intervention.

I am doing a team gladitorial style competititon for the first part of the campaign, as the characters travel around trying to earn accolades (and supplies) for their dying hometown. As a psionic world, I am granting each player a psi-crystal, and I think I am going to tie bonuses into these crystals, with each having its own "personality" that will strengthen the players.

My thoughts on the crystals personalities (I have 6 people):
The Warrior
The Defender
The Assassin
The Scout
The Sage
The Speaker

I am not sure exactly how powerful I want these to be, or where I want to pull from, but I did think about basing the defender on this http://darknessfalls.leaderdesslok.com/hp-ironborn.htm...

Does this seem good enough? Does anyone have any experiece with a low magic item campaign? Does anyone have any ideas for the templates I am looking at making? Honest opinions are definently appreciated.

2006-12-18, 09:13 PM
sounds alot like a future darksun setting.

you might want look @ the offical site for DarkSun (http://athas.org/)too for ideas of how a high psionic world might be.