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Gemini Lupus
2013-08-24, 05:44 PM
Hi all,

So a friend and I have been talking for the past few years about running a campaign together, as co-GMs, where we both create the adventures, dungeons, NPC's, basically everything that a single GM does, but together.

My question is, what do you guys think of this sort of set up? What do you think the pros and cons might be? Do you have any experience with having two equal GMs? Any advice about how to go about this?

Thanks in advance!

2013-08-24, 05:52 PM
It's important not to fight in front of the kids players.

I was part of a 3ish DM group that ran for 2 different sets of 6 players. It can work very well. Generally, we agreed on plot points and characters, then delegated out the mechanical 'building' of NPCs and monsters.

You can also have someone running the game and another person taking notes, chiming in when multiple NPCs are involved, statting out monsters before the PCs meet them, etc.

Potential problems include: differing views of what the world/NPCs should be like, disagreements about power sharing, and the potential for neither of you to do something because you both thought the other would. I'd say it is worth a shot, but I don't know you or your co-GM.

2013-08-24, 05:55 PM
My first campaign was co-DMed. It went great. My partner was better at running NPCs and creating detail and I did broad strokes.

Of course you have to be willing to compromise. And don't disagree in front of the players. But all-in-all it can work with the right mix of personalities.

2013-08-25, 03:08 AM
I tried Co-DMing with my brother in our last campaign. He is great with details and on-the-fly gaming. So when we did it, he handled the descriptions and most of the NPCs, while I took over the overflow NPCs and took over the technical side. I took notes, handled combat, created monsters, etc.
This worked pretty well at first, as we were loosly planning the game and winging a lot of it. After a while though, I was getting a feel for the players so I started creating adventures that fit their play style. There was nothing wrong with the adventues or my brother's descriptions, but I found that he missed a lot of details in my adventures... This made me uneasy and occasionally created situations where the PCs could easilly overcome difficult situations, because one or more factors were forgotten.
All in all, didn't go badly, but I think my brother and I will DM our own games from now on...

2013-08-25, 08:24 AM
All in all, didn't go badly, but I think my brother and I will DM our own games from now on...

It sounds like a great way for both to gain experience - but once you've gained that experience, it makes sense that you'd both be ready to take on full responsibility.

Gemini Lupus
2013-08-25, 03:09 PM
The advice y'all have given has been great and I hope for more. I'll be sure to take it into account. I should note that I've been the primary GM of our group for the last 5 years and he has been our secondary GM.