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This is a PrC of my other homebrew class, the Sanguine Knight (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=268605). This PrC is meant to re-focus the class from one that relies more on passive bonuses with some active class abilities for flavoring to one that is more of a hybrid, allowing for some more character options. I'm hoping to keep it relatively balanced with the base class, so any critiques to help me do so are more than welcome (as always). Without any further ado, the class.

Version: 1


Class name: Sanguine Lord
Role: Being a PrC of the Sanguine Knight, this class is meant to function as a tank via its base class features, absorbing damage directed at its allies to keep itself from falling. That being said, the Sanguine Lord is a much more bursty, offense-based class than its more martial counterpart, using active abilities rather than passive ones to wage war.
Lore: Sanguine Knights tend to focus more on manipulating the blood of their own bodies to grant themselves far greater strength than most normal individuals. The Sanguine Lord, on the other hand, goes the other direction, combining their martial skills with the manipulation of the blood of others to cut bloody swathes into any battlefield... which only fuels their blood abilities all the more. While certainly deadly individuals, they trade some of their base durability in their pursuit of their art.

-Class: Sanguine Knight 10 levels
-Feats: Heart of my Heart (look at the feats section of the Sanguine Knight)
-Special: Shared your Crimson Revelry with at least one of your blood bonded companions.
HD: d8

{table=head]Level | BAB | Fort | Ref | Will | Features | Icor Points
1 | +1 | +2 | +0 | +2 | Blood drain, Harvest corpse, Leach blade | 2
2 | +2 | +3 | +0 | +3 | Blood bolt, Shackle | 3
3 | +3 | +3 | +1 | +3 | Improved cripple, Corpse explosion | 4
4 | +4 | +4 | +1 | +4 | Life drain, Blood boil, Bone bender | 5
5 | +5 | +4 | +1 | +4 | Consuming blade, Anurism | 6
6 | +6/+1 | +5 | +2 | +5 | Blood nova, Mass cripple | 7
7 | +7/+2 | +5 | +2 | +5 | Ghost twist | 8
8 | +8/+3 | +6 | +2 | +6 | Icor collector, Crimson storm | 9
9 | +9/+4 | +6 | +3 | +6 | Blood puppets, Ravenous Blade | 10
10 | +10/+5 | +7 | +3 | +7 | Sanguine torrent | 11[/table]

Class skills: Knowledge; Arcana (int), Spellcraft (int), Use Magic Device (int)*
Skill points per level: 6+int
*Note, these are added on top of any skills currently available to the character... I really just don't feel like listing them out here. *Lazy creator is lazy, derp*

Class features
Weapons and armor proficiency: The Sanguine Lord is proficient with all simple and martial weapons, and may wear medium armor without penalty. The Sanguine Lord may not use supernatural abilities granted by this class while in heavy armor.

Icor points: Icor points are what the Sanguine Lord uses to fuel all of his offensive abilities. They are generated at a rate of 2 per hour, and have a "cap" of 1+Sanguine Lord level. Through the use of various active abilities that generate icor points, the Sanguine Lord may go over this cap to a maximum of 3 times his normal cap, though after ten minutes all non-spent points that go over this cap will disappear.

When using an ability, the Sanguine Lord may spend 2 extra icor points to increase his converted level by 1, and may do so as many times as his current amount of icor points would allow. This bonus only lasts as long as the current action.

Blood drain (su): (2 icor points) The Sanguine Lord makes a ranged touch attack on a target living enemy up to 30" away. If successful, the target is dealt 1d6 constitution damage and is exhausted for the next round. The Sanguine Lord gains constitution lost in this way as a temporary stat bonus for 1 hour/ converted level. A saving throw is allowed (Fort DC10+1/2 level+Con mod) to halve the constitution drained. A successful use of this ability generates 1 icor point. All con damage dealt can be healed normally.

Harvest corpse (su): The Sanguine Lord destroys a target fresh corpse, gaining icor points based on its size category after he does so. Only one corpse may be harvested per round. Bodies destroyed in this way are no longer suitable targets for raise dead spells and may only be brought back by the use of wish or resurrection.
{table=head]Size | Points generated
Dimunitive or smaller | 0
Tiny | 1/2
Small | 1
Medium | 2
Large | 4
Gargantuan | 8
Colossal and larger | 16[/table]

Leach Blade (su): An alternate "upgrade" path to the Sanguine Knight's cruor blade. At level one, the Sanguine Lord's cruor blade drains blood from the target and transfers it to the Sanguine Lord on each successful hit. This causes his attacks to deal 1d6+1 extra bleeding damage and generates 1 icor point per successful attack.
At level 5 this changes to Consuming blade, the bonus damage is increased to 2d6+2 and the blade generates 2 icor points per strike.
At level 9 this ability changes to Ravenous Blade, the blade deals 3d6+3 extra damage per hit, generates 4 icor points per attack and drains 1 point of constitution damage per strike (Fort DC5+1/2 class level+Con mod to negate)

Blood Bolt (su): (3 icor points) The Sanguine Lord launches a lance sized bolt of blood that rips through the bodies of his enemies, striking a large line of foes that get in its path. Blood Bolt deals 1d8/ level untyped physical damage to all creatures in a 90' line (Reflex save for half, standard DC). Each enemy struck that fails their save generates 1/2 an icor point, to a maximum of 2 points per bolt.

Shackle (su): (4 icor points) All target enemies in a 30x30 area must make a reflex save (DC10+1/2 level+Con mod) or be immobilized for the next 5 rounds. Immobilized enemies may not move and suffer a -5 penalty to any attack and skill rolls they make. Targets affected may attempt to break free from their bonds once per round with a strength check (DC5+1/2 level+con mod). Immobilized targets are also anchored to the ground or a near by wall or other terrestrially stable object, preventing flight, levitation, etc, etc.

Improved Cripple (su):[/i] (3 icor points) The Sanguine Lord understands the system of other being's bodies better than their Knight cousins, allowing them to use the system of crippling others much more effectively. Not only does the writhing of their target's blood cause more of a distraction, it also can be twisted to cause lethal damage to those afflicted. From this point on, every time the Sanguine Lord uses icor points to use their cripple feature, the penalty to the target's actions is brought to -3 and they have a 60% spell failure rate. Additionally, he may deal 2d6+4 lethal or nonlethal damage to afflicted targets as a free action once per round. This does not replace the cripple feature provided by the Sanguine Knight.

[b]Corpse explosion (su): (2 icor point) Target corpse within 30' of the Sanguine Lord is destroyed, sending a deadly spray of icor and bone flying at all enemies within 10'. Enemies struck by this effect are dealt 1d6+1 untyped physical damage per converted Sanguine Knight and Sanguine Lord levels and are pinned to the spot for 1 round. Enemies that make a successful reflex save (DC5+1/2 level+Con mod) avoid being pinned.

Life drain (su): (3 icor points) Target living creature is dealt 1d6 damage/level (Fort save, standard DC, save for half), and the Sanguine Lord is healed an equal amount of health to the damage dealt. This ability generates 3 icor points on a successful use, or 1 if the enemy succeeds in their save.

Blood Boil (su): (4 icor points) After making a successful touch attack on a living enemy, the Sanguine Lord can literally boil the blood in their veins, staggering the target and dealing 1d8+2 untyped damage per level. A saving throw may be made to take only half damage (Fort save, standard DC). The enemy will remain staggered until they rest for 8 hours.

Bone Bender: After working to influence the bodies of others for so long, the Sanguine Lord learns how to manipulate even the bones of those that no longer have blood flowing through them. Anything with a body is no longer safe from things that they would normally be able to shrug off. Physical undead are affected by abilities that specify that they only work on "living" creatures. Not only that, but desiccated or ancient corpses may now be harvested for icor points.

Anurism (su): (5 icor points) Target creature with a mind has an anurism, forcing them to survive a blood clot in their brain. The target instantly falls to the ground and is both helpless and confused. After ten minutes, the target begins to jerk uncontrollably, after twenty they begin to spasm, after thirty they freely flail, after forty their ability to breath begins to fade away and their flailing dies down to sporadic jerking. If the target does not receive aid from the spells Restoration or Greater restoration within an hour of being first afflicted, they will instantly die. The creature is allowed a saving throw (fortitude, DC5+1/2 level+Con mod) to instead take up to 10 points of int damage, though the creature may not be reduced below 2 points of intelligence on a successful save.

Blood nova (su): (10 icor points) A 45' ring of blood explodes from the Sanguine Lord, slicing and destroying any physical body that it comes in contact with. Creatures struck by this nova are dealt 1d10 untyped physical damage per level. The Sanguine Lord gains 1/2 an icor point for each enemy damaged by this nova. A reflex save can be made for half damage (Standard DC).

Mass cripple (su): (6 icor points) The Sanguine Lord has learned how to take control of the blood of multiple individuals from a distance. The Sanguine Lord may make a ranged touch attack on all creatures in a 20x20 to force them to make a save against being crippled. This affects creatures on a target-by-target basis, and the Sanguine Lord can discriminate between friend and foe. If 4 extra icor points are spent on activation, the Sanguine Lord applies the improved cripple effect to all targets instead.

Ghost Twist: The greatest of Sanguine Lords can take the blood of souls themselves, allowing them to influence and drain ethereal creatures. Not only that, but the abilities that deal untyped physical damage may also damage these creatures as if they have ghost touch.

Icor collector (su): All abilities that the Sanguine Lord uses that generate icor points increases the amount gained by 1 point. This does not increase natural generation, nor does it influence the maximum number of points a Sanguine Lord may possess at any one time.

Crimson Storm (su): (8 icor points) The Sanguine Lord spends a full round to summon what is literally a storm of blood that rains down on the enemies of the Sanguine Lord. But the blood that falls from the sky does not pool uselessly on the ground. No. Instead, it rises back up once more and darts about, causing even more harm to those that the Sanguine Knight targets while creating interference to protect his allies. Enemies in this up to 60x60 field are dealt 3d8 untyped physical damage on the first round and each round after that, and are dealt an additional 2d6 untypes physical damage per round from flying blood on the second round of the storm's existence. Additionally, after the storm has continued for three turns all allies within it gain +3 deflection AC. The storm lasts for up to 1 round/ level or until dispelled. It may be used indoors and is immobile.

Blood Puppets (su): (3 icor points) Target creature currently being crippled has control of their body temporarily stolen from them. Until the end of the round, the Sanguine Lord can force the target creature to do whatever he wants them to, as long as they are physically able to carry out the task (i.e, he cannot force them to cast a spell/ use a supernatural ability). This task can literally be slitting their own throats, as the body, not the mind, is what is being controlled. The only way to prevent this effect is to not be crippled in the first place. At the end of the Sanguine Lord's turn, all creatures controlled regain complete control of their bodies, though they do remain crippled. Up to three creatures can be controlled in a round as a move action, though icor points must be spent separately for each target affected. The target must have been crippled for at least two rounds for this effect to be usable.

[b]Sanguine Torrent (su):[/i] (All current icor points) To use this ability the Sanguine Lord must spend two full round actions. In the first round, he draws in blood and icor from all target creatures within 40' of him, destroying any corpses that happen to be near by. This first half of the ability deals 10d10 bleeding damage to all affected enemies and 1d4 constitution damage as well. (Fort save to negate con damage, standard DC). All creatures damaged in this way generate 1 icor point. The second round he releases all of his stored icor points, dealing Xd10 damage to all enemies and healing Xd6 health to all allies in a 50x50 area, where X is the total number of icor points spent by this ability (up to 33 at Sanguine Lord level 10). After using this ability, the Sanguine Lord must rest to gain any new icor points and is exhausted. Enemies are allowed a reflex save to cut damage in half (standard DC).

Note: Unless specified, all instances of "Character level"/ "Level" mean the converted level of the character, not the character's Sanguine Lord level alone.

Also note: All instances of "Standard DC" mean that the DC is equal to 10+1/2 character level+Con modifier. I'm just too lazy to type that out. :smalltongue:

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There we go... I think that's everything. If I missed something, tell me in the morning. For now, this PrC is ready for some peaching.