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2013-08-28, 04:00 PM
So you've seen BoED and BoVD, but what about law and chaos? Well, here's chaos, its being made...slowly...and strangely. Be excited for slaad, new charts, charts, random charts...and...bundt cake! I also plan on making law, but that will come later

2013-08-28, 04:01 PM
On the nature of chaos:
Some things chaotic people do, their ideals and beliefs.
As a chaotic person, it is not your job to torture and murder everything you see, but it is to be free, away from societies laws, blood may be spilled in the process, but that is not your goal. No one is the boss of you, you are the boss of you.

Born to be wild
You make decisions randomly, what you want to do is what you do. One minute your feedin' some ducks, the next moments you hug one to death. that farmer over there make a snide remark? punch him!

Unstable :smalleek:
Yeah...your personality, its worse than Born to be Wild (see above) its changing every minute, youve got some serious mental problems, not the murderous kind, the crazy kind.

Casting spells
Spells alter reality, sometimes in some unpredictable ways, and thats some of the fun of chaos, unpredictability, chaos, dismay, and explosions!

2013-08-28, 04:02 PM
Shifting feats:
These feats are connected to the energies of chaos, and taking them makes your character a chaotic being, with the wild and unpredictable powers of limbo.

Bizarre form [Shifting]
Your form is touched by the powers of chaos, your skin appears to shift with strange lights and patterns
Prerequisites: Chaotic alignment
Benefits: Each day, when you awake, you have a strange mutation that gives a benefit
1|bulging legs: +2 on jump checks
2|Dextrous fingers: your fingers gain multiple joints, +2 on use rope checks
3|enhanced tongue: your tongue can sense small changes in the air, +2 on search checks
4|eye bundles: each of your eye sockets has 1d8 smaller eyes in it, +2 on spot checks
5|odd membranes: your skin grows little bundles of nerves sensetive to vibrations, +2 to listen checks
6|small tentacles: +2 on intimidate checks due to your strange growths
Normal: no mutating for you :smallfurious:

Unpredictable bobbing [Shifting]
You sway and bob and duck and weave
Prerequisites: Chaotic alignment, Dexterity 13+
Benefits: If you can make a tumble check (DC 15) before a charge attack, moving through threatened squares provokes no attacks of opportunity.
Normal: you dont know how to duck and weave...and you dont deserve to!

Limbo skin [Shifting]
Your skin changes colors slightly at random times
Prerequisites: Bizzare form, Constitution 13+
Benefits: Once per hour you can activate this feat, gaining energy resistance 5 to an energy of your choice, this lasts for 3 rounds
Normal: your skin is tan and damages easily.

Craaazy wild shape [Shifting]
Your wild shapes are weird!
Prerequisites: Bizzare form, ability to wild shape
Benefits: You can wild shape into a mud slaad, and anarchic versions of regular animals (WiP)
Normal: stick to nature ya tree huggin' druid

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Mmm'kay laast one, Im gonna write a book! Whoa!

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I have to say, I disapprove.

Chaos is so much more than "whacky crazy hour." Plus, you do realize that mental illness should not be an alignment, right?

If you want to have a better idea of the kind of philosophy that a Chaotic individual might expound, you should do research. A lot of research.

Remember, Law and Chaos are, beyond their trappings, not very well defined in terms of alignment (in fact, if I remember correctly, the example traits they give overlap.)

Chaos represents everything from Objectivism to Anarchy; it would be better to say that it eschews labels, and is. Boundaries are for Law.

"Trust your luck; live every day like you're going to die the next. Kiss that pretty girl! Get in that bar fight and make up with the other guy afterwards with a drink or two."

"Smash all that orderly garbage apart; it just holds people back. They don't need the shackles of fair play and law keeping them back! If you just let them be, the world will be a much better place."

"Realistically, you know, laws and society are just a thin justification for the little guy to gang up on big guys like me. I'm just *kicks his fallen opponent in the crotch* taking back what's mine."

Your average Chaotic creature (i.e., not someone who has an alignment subtype; those guys are partially made of said alignment, and thus run on alien priorities, as far as I'm concerned) is going to be that way because either they chafe at boundaries, or because they simply have enough faith in others that they think law and order are unnecessary.

As for mechanics... Unpredictable Weaving could, you know, just negate any Insight bonuses to attack rolls and AC from working on you. After all, you are faking them out really well...

Also, may I suggest [Anarchic] instead of [Shifting]? I originally misread [Shifting] as [Shifter], so...

tl;Dr: Please, I beg you, don't repeat the same stupid mistakes that happened with the BoVD and the BoED. There is a reason that their take on alignments are not given much stock.