View Full Version : Build A Class System -- 3.5 Structure + Mutants and Masterminds Flexibility

2013-08-28, 04:15 PM
Hey All:

About a year ago I did a systems hack for 3.5 that looked a lot liek mutanst and masterminds. What I am attaching here is an earlier version of that effort that is somewhere in between M+M and 3.5. The idea is that players essentially make thir own class that is enhanced with class features (rendered as feats) and psionic powers (that can be reskinned as you like).

This is a pretty big project, and all help is appreciated. First, I am posting teh quick start quide that functioned as my outline for teh project. I was hoping people could take a look at it ans tell me if it makes any sort of sense.

There are major issues with it -- everything is lumped together in terms of point buy and thst is definiely a bad thing. Any suggestions would be a great help!