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2006-12-19, 04:39 PM
I've got this idea for a giant structure in a D&D cosmos, and it's going to be hard to describe and visualise without just telling the players what they're looking at...

What I want is to have a 3D model of the structure so I can show views of it to the group, without just saying "You're in a structure like X."

This is where my PbP players should leave the thread, cause I'm going to say what it is, okay?


I need an interior view of a "stick-vectored" small stellated dodecahedron, inside an icosahedron - like this:

- but from the inside, looking out.

It's essentially a spiked d12 inside a d20, but made of wires instead of a solid object.

I've got Bryce 5, but I'm having no luck with rotating triangular objects - and anyway, Bryce doesn't seem to like doing "stick vectors": it's all filled solid objects rather than wire frames.

Can anyone help?!

2006-12-20, 09:36 AM
whoooo... geez, man, I don't know about the other modelers who frequent this board, but that's a tall order, lol. Even if I DID have Maya in front of me, I'd be having some headaches thinking about it... I mean, the best way that I can think of at the moment is to just make tubes. Lots and lots of tubes. Take three of them, make them into a triangle like you need, then take two of them, make them into yet another triangle like you need, setting it next to the three. Now, were it me, I'd proceed to copy the two over and over again until I had all twelve sides in place. Then I'd start on the d20. Same process. More work.

Sorry I can't be of more help. Good luck to you.

2006-12-21, 09:39 AM
Since I don't use Bryce (instead using Blender), I can't help a lot, but is there a render setting to make it render as wireframe? Then it would be relatively easy to make said shape with just edges. You know, I might have a go myself...

Rereading your post, it doesn't apparently work. Sorry.