View Full Version : Ballpark figure on USA shipping?

2006-12-19, 11:37 PM
Is there a way to get a ballpark figure on the cost of shipping the game, please? If I ordered, it would be all I would need to order.

I'm just asking for an estimate, I certainly won't expect it to be necessarily honored. I understand it's just an estimate, and that shipping can vary when its actually calculated.

I'm in Eighty Four, Pennsylvania (PA) 15330


the Nightbreeze

2006-12-20, 10:08 AM
The best way to figure shipping cost to you is to put the product(s) in your shopping cart and start the checkout process. Before you need to enter any payment information you can get the total cost, including shipping.

That said, I would estimate about $6-$7 for shipping.

2006-12-21, 07:57 PM
Thank you, good sir. I will bear your advice in mind for the future. I'll plead laziness for looking at all the information input fields on the web store software and then coming here to post my inquiry.

Or at least, I plan to getting around to pleading, when I get over to the part of town where pleading is done. Sometime after next Wednesday maybe. We'll see