View Full Version : ToB: Eternal Blade Epic PrC?

2013-08-31, 06:21 PM
One of my players has reached lvl 10 in Eternal Blade and was interested in an Epic PrC built for someone that maxed out Eternal Blade already. Not Epic Progression of Eternal Blade, a whole nother class with epic level powers and abilities that expand on Eternal Blade. Anyone know if someone has come up with something similar or fitting? I have some ideas of my own but would like to see what others have done too. I'm imagining a "binding" of the blade guardian and the characters soul and each level strengthens the bond allowing for more fighting knowledge and abilities. I was thinking the capstone ability of Dual Actions like Demogorgon would be perfect. Blade guardian gets actions through the character and the character gets actions all in one round. Maybe 3 + con modifier duration in rounds but leaves PC exhausted after it expires. Any help would be great!