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2006-12-20, 07:57 PM
Hey guys I have a question to ask anyone whos up to make some templates for me. Could any one of you make these for one of my campeign settings? It was a old idea, called Candyland D20. So will any of you please make a. . .

-Gummy Templete
-Chocolete Templete
-Tooth Templete

Oh, and I already made some-non templete monsters, but mabye one of you guys could make some other monsters that would be cool. So far I made a Gummi Worm, Nerds(race), Gingerbread men(race) and some other things.

2006-12-21, 12:35 AM
I'm scared...

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2006-12-22, 06:43 AM
That sort of game would actually probably be a lot better with rules that are simpler than the D20 system. I am not knocking your idea, my own players say my games have a really high "Rainbow Bright factor" to them, but something much simpler would be a better basis.

If you are really in love with the D20 rules then I would suggest you take the SRD and start chopping things out left and right.

Off the top of my head for that sort of game I would remove the following.

All classes other than fighter, cleric, and wizard. Remove the concept of multiclassing.

I would remove the entire skill system, and replace it with the simple system that when a character tries to do something "appropriate for their class" then they roll D20+ character level + whatever ability score would be relevant. If it is not "appropriate" for their class then they only get D20 + ability score. This is basically what castles and crusades does.

I would remove attacks of opportunity, charges, disarms, trips, sunders, flanks, and most other combat manuevers other than attacks and grapples. I would also remove delays and readied actions as well.

I would then carefully remove all feats related to anything you already removed. You many want to consider removing everything in the game that temporarily raises or lowers ability scores, and finally, go to a simplified initiative system, where everyone at the table (GM included) rolls D20, high roll goes first, and then play continues to the left from there.

Playing a Candyland game with the full D20 ruleset ends up with the situation where the rules just don't match up with the genre. Dimmy Doo and the Great Wazoo shouldn't be worrying about AOOs, flanks, prestige classes or barbarian rage when they are fighting Gummy bears. It just ISN'T even remotely a serious genre, so there is no reason to use a heavy ruleset. It is more of a cartoon genre.

The castles and crusades rules could pretty much handle this genre unmodified, although the basic D&D red box set from the 1980s would be even better.


When suggesting things to cut I firmly attacked the biggest offenders in gameplay slowdown. The number one offender in gameplay slowdown is the attack of opportunity. This rule alone pretty much doubles the true length of most combats, and the rule doesn't even really model what it is supposed to model. Unfortunately removing it requires major surgery to the system.

The next biggest offender is the overly complex initiative system, along with the delays and readies.

Temporary ability score changes can really slow down the game, it just depends on your group of players. People who are bad at math, bad with the rules, or just not too bright are really slowed down by these, or they fail to apply them at all.

The flank causes endless minute figure reshuffling each turn, which slows down the game. The flank rule isn't needed if your game doesn't feature sneak attack, and since I suggested cutting the rogue, there is no need for the flank either.

Most of the classes don't fit the flavor, or are simply over complicated fighters, which is why I suggested chopping the classes down to 3. Removing the rogue serves a dual purpose, the class doesn't seem likely for people wandering around gum drop mountains fighting ice cream sandwiches, and removing the rogue allows you to excise the skill system and the the flank rules.

purple gelatinous cube o' Doom
2006-12-23, 01:22 AM
I might have to go dig my game out and see what I can come up with.