View Full Version : Looking for an Android Programming Mentor

2013-09-03, 07:00 PM
Kinda a random thing, but since this is one of the biggest communities I am a part of, I figure why not ask here.

Something that got pushed onto me at work is tinkering around with mobile development. One of our guys is a genius with ios and web APIs, so he designed a handy dandy little web api that when queried brings back json or xml versions of some data based on a header. Eventually we will be using an expanded version of this API to retrieve and update a large amount of data. However, at the moment I'm merely trying to get my dinky android app to connect to this web api and retrieve and parse some JSON data.

I've messed with this stuff for about 3 weeks now, posted countless questions to StackOverflow, and have gotten nowhere. What I really need is someone experience with this who is willing to be a mentor and help me work through the issues, and point out what I'm doing wrong. Anyone willing to help me out?