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2013-09-08, 11:05 PM
I've been working on a sci-fi expansion for Pathfinder for a little while, and wouldn love to have some input if anyone would like to take a look at it. (in part or in whole).


2013-09-10, 07:06 AM
I rather like it, though I think I'd like to see some more variety among the alien species - they're all humanoids with largely superficial differences from humanity. While I understand and agree with the necessity of there being some point of commonality, when I play an alien I like to be able to wrap my head around a mind-set that's at least partially inhuman. There's very little mention of the aliens' personalities and how they're different from humans.

I'm surprised the Coloradans aren't called Yeti or Sasquatches.

I love the way you did the Marine class. They make an excellent strike force that way.

That backpack UAV having a 5-foot wingspan is huge - the Puma's not properly an RPUAV, it's a small UAV that needs a launch/landing site due to its size. Most RPUAVs have about thirty-, forty-inch wingspans - or smaller. Don't underestimate the utility of a helicopter UAV, either. For a player, a teeny-tiny UAV that can maneuver around inside of a building is going to be infinitely more useful than one that they have to set up a couple miles away and fly in.

Holy smokes that buckshot. It's excessively powerful. Does it make attack rolls against all targets in the cone, or do the targets have a Reflex save? Why is it a cone? Flechette ammo does that, but buckshot really doesn't spread out nearly that much. It's a single-target thing. The best way I've seen to model shotguns while still making them useful in the game is to have them do massive damage at point-blank range, then have the damage die decrease with each range increment until it hits about d4s, whereupon it ceases to decrease. So it'd be 4d10 at point-blank, 4d8 at the first, 4d6 at the second, and 4d4 from the third on out.

Also, it'd be good if you were to note that the shotgun and grenade launcher do damage by their ammo type on the weapon descriptions themselves.

2013-09-10, 06:37 PM
A lot of the racial stuff is still stuff I'm trying to cook up. My first priority was just getting enough information in there to be playable for my test group. I do intend to do more non-humanoid types at some point, but I'm trying to avoid stuff that's an obvious rip from Mass Effect or Star Wars or anything like that when I do those.

The UAV advice is pretty good, I'll definitely take it.

A lot of the weapon rules are still up in the air. The way we played it last game was that AoE type weapon would make a single attack roll, which would also be the DC of the saving throw against the attack. It seemed to work pretty well. Don't forget also that pretty much every type of armour also has damage reduction. (I also like the AoE damage reducer. I played with it a bit early on, but didn't really come up with a good way to do it)