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2013-09-11, 11:48 AM
Hey Playgrounders,

This is my first time posting in a while; I'm a champion lurker, but I figured I would give this a shot to rally some support for a new project.

I have had a webcomic idea kicking around in my brain for many years now, about ten to be precise and have had trouble getting it up and running because I have never felt artistically sound enough to pull off my ideas. I draw, but I do not feel that i'm there... yet.

Anyhow, I connected with some folks at FanExpo this year who are running a contest to kickstart new comic ideas and help new people gain a foothold in the genre. I have pitched them my idea, and it has been accepted into the top 100 ideas (yay!). If my idea is crowned #1, I will get a development contract that will allow me to onboard an artist and make this comic a real thing. They will also fund me enough to put it into print, but my initial plan was to make it available online and I still want to do that SO bad.

Sadly, as it is with the world today, the winner is decided via social media vote. Since I am your quintessential gamer .. comic.. nerd.... I don't have a wide social network, and this is why I am reaching out to you kind folks; to spread the word and hope that some of you may like my idea enough to vote on it.

Lost Eden: The Pitch.
This story was initially drafted one summer in a small French farmhouse with my best friend. The soundtrack was Black Sabbath's "NIB" (or was it "Heaven and Hell?"). The idea was simple: If you had the chance to experience heaven, and it was taken away from you? To what lengths would you go to get it back? Would you seize the chance when you saw it? Or lie down and let it slip away from you?

The story focuses on Satan: The Devil, The Dragon, Old Scratch. Over the years he has adopted many names, but none so fitting as Lucifer, the lightbringer; once upon a time he was the greatest of all angels. Now he wanders the Earth, banned to this imperfect place by a deity that he can feel all around but can no longer see or hear. He can never return to heaven; a heavy punishment for a divine being as compared to the perfection of Heaven, Earth just does not come close.

All he needs to do is put his name back into the Book of Life, the problem being that it is kept in a place from which he is banned, and unable to see. But his chance might have finally arrived when Evelyn St Claire, a girl with the weird power to see things that others cannot, happens to wander into his domain looking for the exact same book.

Lost Eden is an Urban/Mythological Fantasy tale set in a dark, foreboding world that runs rife with grime and corruption. A place where "I'm only human" has become an excuse for mankind to fall further into a world of self-indulgence and Earth has fallen further and further from its initial perfection. The Angels, symbols of retribution and vengeance are one of the more terrifying forces in the world, and our demons, creatures of pride and physical beauty just might be interested in helping out.

Ok, I'm intrigued, what next?

Visit my page at http://www.ucreatecomics.com .. Or shortcut to it by clicking HERE (https://www.ucreatecomics.com/submissions/dfc0763d-8c1f-4c1c-bfe9-f4069b231662)

There you can read my submission and have the option to vote and favourite my idea. An account is required, but it is a very quick sign up. There's a small icon of some of my preliminary doodles if you're interested in what I have in store visually.

And.. that's it..!
This project is close to my heart; when you've carried something for years it becomes your baby, so if any of you would be kind enough to throw a vote in for me you will have my never-ending gratitude.