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El Zoof
2006-12-23, 08:29 PM
'Twas a night in midwinter
And 'round the campfire
Not a creature was stirring
Not even mice (dire).

Regdar and Tordek both slept in bedrolls,
While dreaming of beating up innocent trolls.
Mialee was sleeping off far too much schnapps
And cheating the peasants at fixed games of craps.

I sat with my spellbook and read through with care
In the hopes that I'd at least give some monsters a scare
When out of my backpack I espied a glow -
What could be causing it? I just had to know!

I opened my backpack and there - not quite shocking,
Lay a red-and-white (yet glowing) rather long stocking.
"Aha!" I said quitely, "Must be from the horde
Of that black dragon king... or some other dark lord."

I thought of spellcasting, but that wouldn't fly,
At 50 gold just to identify.
I picked up the stocking, and reached down inside...

...and that's quite enough of that. With apologies to all concerned. Fundo was a particularly large, jolly gentleman who enjoyed giving people presents. Some of his presents were useful, some were thoughtful, some were tasteless and tacky, and a few were just plain dangerous. Eventually, Fundo grew old and tired, and decided to give the world one last spectacular gift. The night after he disappeared, some adventurers broke into his home on the off-chance that they could claim he'd really been a vampire and they'd then be allowed to nick all his stuff, and found this stocking.

Stocking of Mystery: This stocking does nothing for the wearer, with the possible exception of giving any Charisma-based effects a penalty of -2. The real benefit comes from performing certain rituals which can only be performed once a year. The stocking must be hung over a fire for 8 hours, during which the owner must either sleep or meditate. At the end of this period, the owner may reach in and pull out a random medium wonderous item (from DMG p.249). If the gift is particularly inappropriate, the owner of the stocking may place it back in and wait another 24 hours, at which point they may receive another gift to the same or lesser value, DM's choice. When using the regifting power, there is a 5% chance that the item will be cursed. The regifting power may only be used within the first hour of receiving the gift, and the gift must not have been used during that period.
Strong Evocation; CL 20th; weight 1lb.

2006-12-23, 09:44 PM
That sure is a Mysterious Stocking.
I like the once a year approach-- did you want to specify a time of year, or is it simply the same time every year from when the owner first uses it?

And I have to say that the schnapps/craps rhyme is, at least in Midwestern American Dialectal English, quite a reach.

El Zoof
2006-12-30, 06:58 AM
It's usable once a year, but the date isn't specified. Hey, in a world where the gods prove they exist with extreme prejudice, it's probably not a good idea to create stuff that upsets one of them...

...as for craps/schnapps, it depends on which dictionary you're using. And whether or not you actually know or care how it's really pronounced. :smallbiggrin: