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2006-12-24, 01:08 AM
Thoughts on a setting idea before I consider running it here, if you could: I'm trying to get my head around what would be needed (writing helps, but so could you(?)). I'm not sure if it's Eberron or a similar setting (in terms of warforged, artificers, and political feel to it).

Eberron has been sundered. The tensions in the world have been building all across Khorvaire, and beyond, with power-mongers and dark forces conspiring against the forces of light and goodness. The final war, it was called, was terrible; the records of that time are dim, in the past, and only vaguely remembered by all but the oldest elven spirits.

Light struck deep into the belly of Khyber, banishing the dragon below from the world, but at a terrible price. The world is a cloud of rocks in a vast expanse of air, floating and falling in the realm of Sibrys. The people of Khorvaire, Sarlona, Argonessen, now live on great islands of rock floating in the void.

In remote areas farmers have great pumps collecting water of the lost seas from the air, lone farm collectives and windmills. Cities are great collections of rocks connected by bridges or carved out of massive chunks like living statues crawling with life. Large rocks support vast continents of life, herd animals and plants that provide agriculture. Forests exist as great clouds of plant matter or in canyon-sized cracks in the larger stones. The world is connected by airships and skifs, carpets, and those who can tame creatures to bear them through the strange, purple skyways. Dragon marked houses, and the remnants of the five nations, struggle to exist in a world gone mad.


intrigues between the old groups formed anew in this strange world
raiders in airships
creatures adapted to the skies (dragons, etc., but also new ones used differently)
ancient ruins of old khorvaire uncovered by time (dungeons, buildings, but sideways)
Xen'drik Stones: hunks of that jungle continent, and their secrets.

Questions: limitations on action that would make this unplayable? I guess flying items would be important, falling damage rules, things that are covered in Sharn: City of Towers.

How would one play in a setting with a compeltely different... feel to it, geographically. No horses, more airships.

I might even need to just do my own setting history; but Eberron (despite my griping; which I would stop but I enjoy it so (nothing personal to the creators, btw, you lot do a great job)) has a rich setting and a pretty good feel to it.