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2006-12-25, 01:30 PM
Hello Everybody, I'm Brianfowler713.

Long time reader of the Comic Who just registered to show off my feeble attempt at the sincerest form of flattery.

For some strange reason I've had for the past few days the compulsion to combine Star Wars with the Order of the Stick. I blame the Midichlorians. I've made several attempts recently these are the most successful. I mean that in a rather you don't want to know how bad the others are kind of way:


1. Roy's "supposed" to be in a Bob Fett-like outfit. But I'm too tired to correct it. He was also supposed to have an exasperated expression, But somehow he came out laughing.

2. Vaarsuvius as a Twi'lek. I know it doesn't look much like a Tw'ilek, or for that matter Vaarsuvius. But trust me, its the best I've come up so far.

3. Haley after stealing Han Solo's clothing. The only thing that bothers me are the two guns.

4. Elan. Originally I just drew him dressed as Lando Calrissian, but he just didn't look "Star Wars" to me. Hence the cybernetics. The outside line of his metal face didn't scan so I tried drawing it back with computer. Thats why its all messed up. And I know his sash is on backwards.

5. Not counting the Jawas, few short people in Star Wars there are. Drawn after a certain Jedi Master Durrkon was.

6. Yes, Belkar is supposed to be an Ewok.

I'm doing ShadowStick Next Week! :smallbiggrin:

2006-12-25, 11:35 PM
Well work today was quiet & boring (yes, I had to got to work "Today"). So while nothing was happening, I tried another kick at the Kath Hound (Kotor reference there).

Believe it or not these were done on a yellow postit pad. I don't know why the scanner showed it as white. Also I tried "inking" w/ a ballpint pen. There were some smudges showing on the scan I tried to clean up, in the process I accidentially messed up some of the lines.


1. Another attempt at Roy in the Boba Fett suit. I tried to simulate him flying w/ the jetpack.

2. What Belkar is supposed to be here is what I imagined Yoda would be like if he went over to the darkside. And used a "Darth Maul" like lightsabre that was clearly too big for him.

3. thog not make as good a gamorrean as thog hoped. thog sad.

4.Last pic of Roy in Boba's suit I promise. I did a side profile b/c I realized the jetpack wasn't really apparent in the other attempts.

5. Well it may not look much like Varrsuvius (who this is based on), but at least it looks like a Twi'lek.

6. Last (and probably least), Elan taking up arms against the Empire, (whether the Rebel Alliance likes it or not).

2006-12-26, 06:57 AM
Belkar as dark side yoda is cool hehehe :P

2006-12-26, 10:00 AM
Why not put these in the Art Showcase? They're great, although Haley looks a little, to me, like she has a monobrow...

2006-12-26, 06:52 PM
For awhile I was wondering if the 30 something Viewers were Me checking for Comments!:smallredface:

Anyways, work today was Much more hectic than before so I only got this done.
This time I left the smudging so I wouldn't accidentially erase something.


Princess Haley is disturbed by how hard Elan Solo needs to try to remind Roy Calrissian they're buds, Right?

And Serpentine, what Showcase are you talking about?

2006-12-26, 07:23 PM
this isn't so good as the others drawnings but is very nice

2006-12-27, 08:10 PM
Anyway, here is my last OotS/SW Crossover, promise. Next crossover will be something like Star Trek, Or Shadowrun.

This is one of those jokes that was really funny to begin with, thern got less funny. But it's still a good Chuckle for me. I got the idea trying to draw a StormTrooper Helmet that could fit an OotS character. Couldn't do it and have it look like a StormTrooper Helmet.

Elan Skywalker had a rather neat idea for sneaking onto the Death Star.
There's just one tiny flaw...

Yes, I KNOW the coloring is messy.

2006-12-28, 09:07 AM
very nice. I have never been able to hand-draw oots-y characters. I generally use Sodipodi. you can find the instructions for download on the Adobe Illustrator thread. I love the program and I'm always drawing.

2006-12-30, 04:10 PM
Very Sorry, I must have been Lying. :smallredface:

This one should definitely be the last due to all the work I had to put in it.

I'm not kidding I drew it in one night, then spent three days with the photo editor program my scanner uses to clean & correct it. It was just insane. I laugh at myself now when I remember I first thought the hardest part was drawing the
stormtrooper helmets.

I know I messed up Durkon's beard but at this point, I'm DONE.
Sorry Durky.