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2013-09-18, 12:52 AM
So I am working on my first game as a GM. I am using the Legend system for this game as it suits my need nicely. I am in the slow process of "mastering" the system so I can teach it to the rest of the table, so here are my questions.

On the character sheet there is a block labeled "Defenses" and there are a list of skill (Awareness, Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, Perception), how are these used at the table? How is Awareness different from Perception? I can't find any mention of them in the handbook.

Also while I have a decent understanding of the flow of combat it is not explained very well in the book. How are things like "Damage Reduction" applied in the flow chart of player actions?

2013-09-18, 03:25 AM
I'm not sure I quite understand the second question (Damage Reduction is simply taken away from any physical damage dealt at the point when the damage is done).

For the first one, though, the Bluff, Diplomacy and Perception defences are the DC for a creature using that skill on you. So to Bluff a creature with Bluff defence of 15, you need 15 or higher. Awareness is slightly different because as well as being the defence against Stealth, it's also used for passive Trap detection and stuff.

2013-09-18, 05:24 AM
In D&D 3.5 terms, Awareness can be seen as a combination of Spot and Listen, passive abilities that determine whether someone can sneak up on you. Perception would be a mix of Search and Sense Motive, your ability to find something that you're actively looking for or figure out what other people are thinking.

2013-09-18, 06:50 AM
Thank you that was very helpful.