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2013-09-18, 08:52 AM
Hey folks, I've been kicking around the idea of building a Wild Mage base class. I figure it would be a spontaneous caster, but I might change my mind and make it a prepared caster instead. Anyway, I was planning to build it around this class feature I called Reckless Dweomer (after the similarly-named 2nd ed. spell). Essentially, it would allow the Wild Mage to expend a spell slot to roll on a list of random magical effects. There would be nine different lists, one for each spell level, and the one you roll on would be determined by the level of the expended spell slot. Predictably, the majority of the possibilities on any given list would be spells of that level. There would be both harmful and helpful spells on the list, so there's always a chance of helping your enemy or hurting your friend... yes, as in previous editions, everyone is going to hate the Wild Mage.

What I'm having trouble with is how to adjudicate different types of targeting given that the caster has to choose a target before she knows what spell she's casting. For example, the Level 3 Reckless Dweomer list might hypothetically contain Cone of Cold (60' cone from caster), Fireball (20' radius from a chosen point) and Cure Serious Wounds (touch). Targets that are valid for the fireball may well not be for the Cone or the Cure.

This is the best I've been able to come up with so far:

1. The Wild Mage must choose a target square in line of sight before rolling on the table (it can be a square with a creature in it, but it doesn't have to be). It should be in close range (25 ft. + 5 ft/2 caster levels).
2. Area of effect spells with a spread radius (e.g., Fireball) are centered on that square.
3. Spells that function in a ray (e.g., Lightning Bolt) travel in a straight line from the caster to that square, and possibly past the square depending on the spell's description.
4. Personal effect spells (e.g., Charm Person, Bull's Strength) affect the individual in that square, but have no effect if the square is unoccupied-- (alternatively, they could affect the nearest individual to that square).
5. Spells that normally require a melee or ranged touch attack to succeed instead require no touch attack, but a successful reflex save negates the spell (other saving throws permitted by the spell also apply).

I think that addresses most of the major issues, but it's already pretty complicated and there are still a few questions unanswered, like cone-shaped bursts, and spells that typically allow the caster to choose multiple targets (e.g., Haste). I suppose I could just leave those spells off of the lists, but I'm hoping you folks can suggest some simple fixes that I haven't thought of.

If y'all are interested, I could post the finished Reckless Dweomer lists or even the complete class, once I'm done with it.

2013-09-18, 04:25 PM
I would, instead of a base class, make it wild mage an alternate class feature for a wizard, replacing specialization. Roll a 1d20 whenever you cast a spell and consult the following table based on the wizard's caster level. that is the modifier to the caster level for that particular spell. If you land on red, roll on the Wild Surge table in the DMG page 150.

{table=head]Level|1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10|11|12|13|14|15|16|17|18 |19|20

A reckless dwemoer would probably be "Trade a spell you have prepared for a spell you know of the same level or lower. That spell automatically wild surges 1/day at first level and then an additional time every three levels". I'd say that's a good ACF swap for a familiar.