View Full Version : Skittles [Synergy Weapon Enhancement][3.5]

2013-09-18, 07:20 PM
+1 Enhancement
[Synergy]: Corrosive, Flaming, Frost, Shock
Result: Upon command, a skittles weapon is sheathed in barely visible ripples. The ripples do not harm the wielder. The effect remains until another command is given. A skittles weapon deals an extra 1d6 points of sonic damage on a successful hit. Bows, crossbows, and slings so crafted bestow the sonic energy upon their ammunition.


Reasoning: If you get all 4 other energy enhancements you shouldn't have to settle for a d4 of sonic damage.

2013-09-18, 07:56 PM
When I saw this, this is all that popped in my head.


But seriously, I dig it.

EDIT: On a second look, I think a better fluff would be that the combination of all 4 being active creates a resonation in the weapon.

All that we need now is another +1 synergy enhancement for when you have all 5. Captain Planet style...