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Winged One
2006-12-26, 09:28 PM
Polearm Soldier[tactical]
Your training as a soldier allows you to use a polearm and shield together.
Prerequisites: Shield Proficiency, Tower Shield Proficiency, proficiency in at least one of the following: longspear, spear, glaive, guisarme, ranseur, halberd, dwarven urgrosh(only the spear end it considered a prerequisite weapon)
Pikeman: You may wield any of the weapons required to qualify for this feat as a one-handed weapon if you carry a shield in your off hand(a dwarven urgrosh may already be wielded as a one handed weapon, and therefore gains no benefit from Pikeman).
Spiked Wall: When gaining cover from a tower shield, you may also ready one of the prerequisite weapons against a charge. The -2 penalty to attack rolls associated with tower shield use does not apply to this.
Normal: All of the prerequisite weapons except a dwarven urgrosh are 2-handed weapons, and you may not attack at all while gaining cover from a tower shield.
Special: A fighter may take this feat as a bonus feat.

As always, critiques would be apreciated.

2006-12-26, 10:22 PM
A ranseur or a glaive in one hand sounds weird to me. I'd rule that it either suffers great penalties or can't attack at all while in the stance. Altough charging like this or while mounted it'd make sense.

As I see currentlyit's good for some extra AC.

Polearm defense

When wielding a polearm you gain +2 AC versus enemies 10' from you and +1 against enemies 5' from you.

sounds easier, altough it'd need to be balaced, it feels overpowered. Perhaps add in a dodge-like "only against selscted opponents" factor.

2006-12-26, 10:24 PM
How about only for opponents in front of you?

2006-12-26, 10:25 PM
Sadly, d&d 3.x lacks the term "front". It'd need the facing rules variant to be used.

2006-12-26, 10:27 PM
Meh, house rule

If someone is attacking a person from behind, I usually rule that there's no shield bonus

2006-12-26, 10:30 PM
(Then you're using some of the variant rules without even noticing it :) Add in the rule that sneak attack comes from behind, and you're almost there.)

Back on topic. A person who want it badly to have a shield and a polearm as well, will get an animated shiled. It costs only gp, not a precious feat.

2006-12-26, 10:48 PM
I tried to do this a while back, then someone else made their own thread for it. Just thought I'd say. Your feat's different anyway, but you could look up those threads for other ideas.

2006-12-27, 06:57 AM
I like the idea, but the Implementation seems wrong some how.

Spiked wall could very well add a pre-emptive bracing to increase the damage done when readying vs. a charge. Perhaps an additional +2?