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2013-09-21, 10:16 AM
Continuing my somewhat delayed PrCs for the good gods series...

Serene Disciple

Concentration: 8 ranks
Alignment: Lawful Good
Divine 3rd level spells

1|0|0|0|2|Code of Conduct, True Seeing|+1 of existing divine class
2|1|0|0|3|No Expectations|+1 of existing divine class
3|1|1|1|3|Aura of Calm|+1 of existing divine class
4|2|1|1|4|Pure Body|+1 of existing divine class
5|2|1|1|4|Ethereal Jaunt|+1 of existing divine class
6|3|2|2|5|Armored Mind|+1 of existing divine class
7|3|2|2|5|Holy Auras|+1 of existing divine class
8|4|2|2|6|Diamond Soul|+1 of existing divine class
9|4|3|3|6|Mass Heal|+1 of existing divine class
10|5|3|3|7|Decline to Suffer|+1 of existing divine class[/table]
Hit die: d4
Skills: 2+int
Class Skills: Concentration, Diplomacy, Knowledge(religion), Knowledge(the planes), Sense Motive, Spellcraft

Code of Conduct: A serene disciple can never act from anger, and can never harm a creature that is capable of choosing to be good. (Harm includes hit point damage, ability damage, or restraining the creature so that the disciple's comrades can do such damage. Nonlethal damage or restraining for its own sake are acceptable.) A serene disciple who violates this code loses all class features (but not casting) until he receives Atonement.

True Seeing(sla): A serene disciple has a continuous True Seeing effect.

No Expectations(ex): Having no expectations, a serene disciple never suffers from surprise (e.g. never flat-footed, can act in surprise rounds)

Aura of Calm(su): Coming without 20 feet of a serene disciple automatically ends rage and similar abilities. Anyone within 20 feet must make a will save (dc 12 + wis mod) to perform any violent act).

Pure Body(su): A serene disciple is immune to all diseases and poisons.

Ethereal Jaunt(sla): A serene disciple can use Ethereal Jaunt (as the spell) 3/day.

Armored Mind(su): A serene disciple gains +4 on will saves, and no compulsion or charm can cause him to violate his code.

Holy Auras(sla): A serene disciple and all allies within 60 feet are effected by continuous Holy Aura spells.

Diamond Soul(su): A serene disciple gains spell resistance equal to his hit dice plus 15.

Mass Heal(sla): A serene disciple can use the spell Heal, Mass at will.

Decline to Suffer(su): Once per day, when some circumstance would harm a serene disciple, even kill him, he may simply choose not to be affected. This can include being attacked with a weapon, having a boulder fall on him or being burned when he jumps into lava, but not the consequences of violating his code or displeasing his god.

The Corinthian
2013-09-21, 10:44 AM
Okay... another pascifist cleric prestige class.

The code of conduct is well written, and unlike other similar effects (like Vow of Peace) which often have huge loopholes, I don't think you can get up to too much mischief with the cleric spell list -although it should prohibit ordering other people/creatures to perform such acts as well, to prevent summoning and charm loopholes. But this class is either far too powerful, or the requirements are too low (which is to say that it gets a few abilities far too early, compared to when they usually come online). Speaking of requirements, shouldn't the class require people to worship Rao?

Continuous True Seeing for example, probably isn't a problem ability in itself -although I don't like it much, that's just because I think True Seeing is a badly-designed spell. But it's totally overpowered at character level 6.

Similarly, Holy Aura is a good spell in its own right at level 15 -as an always-on effect at level 12 it's far too strong.

Access to Mass Heal at level 14 might not be too powerful, since the effect depends on caster level anyway, but Mass Heal at will is overpowered pretty much whenever you get it. Make it 1/day only.

Aura of Calm is just obnoxious. While the save DC is low and non-scaling, so it's not as much of a showstopper as it seems, not only does it shut down Barbarians without any save at all, but it's going to make the rest of the party hate you, since it doesn't discriminate between friend and foe.

I'd replace this ability with a continuous Sanctuary effect, or something along those lines.

The rest of the abilities are fine, I particulary like Decline to Suffer.