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2006-12-27, 08:38 AM
Hey all, got this game yesterday and am already hooked :P Had an issue with a room that needs to be resolved, lest the blood of brothers be shed...

In "The Room With All The Spikes", it says if you take a wound as a result of a battle, you take an additional wound. Brother was playing Elan, and he used (Can't think of the card but it's the one where he's jumping from the explosion "I'm an action hero!") that allows you to not take a would in the battle. If you use something like that, does the room still inflict a wound, as technically you took a wound but "dodged" it, or do you take no wounds as you never really Got wounded from the fight?

Thanks in advance!

Also, any Seattle players want to get together and play, drop me a line and we'll set something up!

Totally Guy
2006-12-27, 09:38 AM
I think he dodges the spikes as well as the monster, if the wording is as you say.

If the monster was Deadly and tried to inflict 2 wounds Elan would have activated Fools Luck, dodged one, taken one and then triggered the room damage for a total of 2 wounds.

2006-12-27, 05:37 PM
Ahhh alrighty, thank ye kindly :smallsmile:

The Giant
2007-01-12, 03:16 AM
Yes, the wording specifically says, "If you take a Wound as a result of battle..." If you avoid the Wound by any means, you avoid the effect of the spikes.