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2006-12-27, 06:22 PM
This is a quick attempt at nerfing Epic Spellcasting so that it becomes a less attractive option; as it is, it's a must-have, win-D&D option; this raises the price to make it less appealing.

First, remove the Epic Spellcasting feat.

Add a new Prestige Class:

Epic Spellcaster:

Ability to cast 9th level Arcane spells or 9th level Mysteries
Knowledge (Arcana): 23 ranks
Ability to cast 9th level Divine spells
Knowledge (Nature or Religion): 23 ranks

{table]Level | Special
1 | Epic Spellcasting, Atrophy
2 |
3 |
4 |
5 |
6 |
7 |
8 |
9 |
10 |

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: An Epic Spellcaster does not gain proficiency in any new weapons or armor.

Epic Spellcasting: An Epic Spellcaster has the knowledge of Epic Spells whose DCs add up to 100 (this number is entirely off the top of my head) per Epic Spellcaster level or less, and are all, individually, less or equal to than 50 per Epic Spellcaster class level. The Epic Spellcaster need not pay the normal costs to develop these spells (possibly add the GP cost back; the XP cost is subsumed into ). Ritual mitigating factors and time increases measured in Days count against this limit (a spell with a DC of 50 requring two ninth level spells (-34 DC) and 100 days to cast (-200 DC) counts as DC 284 for this limit). (Note: Normally, the EXP to take you from 20 to 21 would pay for a DC 55 epic spell. This is a bit higher, however, since you can reduce the normal EXP cost through ritual and casting time, and you can't here)

Atrophy: The Epic Spellcaster's normal skills, and resistances, atrophy, as the Epic Spellcaster focuses on magic. As such, Epic Spellcaster levels do not count for Epic Attack Bonus and Saves, nor does the class provide a hit die. As Skills and Feats are tied to hit dice, Epic Spellcasters do not recieve those either. Indeed, except for Epic Spellcasting, levels in Epic Spellcaster are about as useful as a Level Adjustment, although not suceptable to LA Buyoff. That said, however, it may be the only level adjustment that is remotely worth it.

An Epic Spellcaster, however, after taking their first class level, may decide to lose levels in existing spellcasting classes, provided that the Epic Spellcaster retains at least one hit die; these lost levels are converted into Epic Spellcaster levels (possibly limit this to requiring that the prerequisites be maintained, or that only a certain number of levels may be lost each time the Epic Spellcaster gains a level).

2006-12-27, 11:15 PM
It's actually a bit simpler than that. Base Epic spell costs (time, GP, XP) on the pre-mitigation spellcraft DC.
So that +24 AC Permanent Mage Armor ((14+20*2)*5=DC 270 before mitigation) mitigated down to 0 through 30 extra 5th level spells has a spellcraft DC 0 to research and cast, but costs 2,430,000 gp in materials, 49 days, and 97,200 xp to research. Hard to make before about level 50 - and even then, right tricky to arrange.