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Shiori Tsumi
2006-12-27, 10:14 PM
Hey. Anyways....I drew this, yes, manga-style. But I like how Belkar came out. (Yes, that's supposed to be Belkar. ) The tall guy with pointed ears is Virek, and it seems Belkar is wondering what Virek did to be surrounded by women.

And yes, the anatomy sucks, but I'm still learning. I'm also still learning how to scan things.


Dire Penguin
2006-12-28, 03:35 PM
I don't really understand manga's style too well, but that looks much better than my drawrings without computer programs!

2006-12-28, 03:44 PM
Other than Belkar, what series or whatever are you fanarting?

Otherwise, it's pretty good, but belkar is to much of a pacifist (not violent enough) to be Belkar. :smallamused:

He should be threating Virek with dagger and organ loss related threats of death.

Shiori Tsumi
2006-12-28, 07:44 PM
Thanks, people. I fanart whatever fits my fancy, or whatever I feel like I won't completely disgrace. I'd draw Roy or Sabine, but I feel I'd disgrace them, so I won't. I have a perfectly adorable picture of a chibi Elan, though, if you'd like to see it.

Shiori Tsumi
2006-12-28, 07:55 PM

It's chibi Elan Banjo time!!! ^_^ Oh, yeah, and a chibi Haley off in the corner...

2006-12-28, 07:56 PM
Chibi Elan? Hell yes. The hair is a bit long IMO, but it's not like you had much to go on.
Chibi Haley is excellent there, too. Just very well drawn. Actually, I'll go as far as saying she's perfect.

Aside, I will be perfectly honest and say that I don't much like your initial drawing. Fan characters/crossovers in which I do not know the other part are both pet peeves of mine. The art is okay. The concept...Belkar would not be so subservient/polite. He'd be asking in a very accusing manner ("How the hell'd a guy like you get all the chicks?!"). Another pet peeve of mine is characters in fanfics/fancomics not acting like they would in the regular work.

2006-12-28, 08:36 PM
i liked, you have talent. I like most the female rogue/priest, maybe with color it get even better :)

Shiori Tsumi
2006-12-29, 10:20 AM
Thankies! I'm working on a picture with V and Belkar. Not involving dialogue, just the wondering about which gender V is. Hopefully THAT falls withing Belkar's personality. And yes, I realized how out of character that is for Belkar...um...y'know, after I drew it. But it was so pretty, I didn't want to erase.

Shiori Tsumi
2006-12-29, 11:02 AM

And there it is. Belkar's wonderings about V's gender. The female V turned out better because...well, I'm better at drawing girls. I also had the idea of having the male V getting ready to drop his spell on Belkar's head, but decided against it. The only reference I had to use was for V's belt and collar...go me!

2006-12-29, 11:57 AM
Male V still looks female. Even guys with big chests should not have bra sizes.

P.S. That's a cloak, not a collar. A fancy elvish cloak, but a cloak.

Shiori Tsumi
2006-12-29, 06:05 PM
Sorry. Quite clearly, I can not draw males. I'm still learning, and given that I myself am a female, it makes sense that I draw girls better, right? Anyways, no matter how you look at it, elves are girly looking....I don't know if you CAN have an incredibly masculine elf.

2006-12-29, 06:11 PM
i have to agree with brickwall, the male elf should not have bra size... But it's very good :)

Shiori Tsumi
2007-01-01, 01:57 AM

I'm going to color this soon, soo...well...*stares at picture* Based on an almost true story. In Dead Rising-which is where the reference is coming from- my brother killed a survivor with a sledgehammer because the guy came at him with a baseball bat. The other guy promptly begged him not to kill him. I figured it fit Belkar perfectly, so I drew him in. I'm going to color this in soon so some of the details make more sense. Like what is splattered on Belkar, and how much life he has according to those weird little boxes in order to complete the reference.

2007-01-01, 11:07 AM
Niiice. Your males don't have boobs in this one! Good for you!

P.S. Dead rising is fun! Too bad I stopped playing because I sucked at it.

Shiori Tsumi
2007-01-01, 04:13 PM
Niiice. Your males don't have boobs in this one! Good for you!

P.S. Dead rising is fun! Too bad I stopped playing because I sucked at it.

XD My guys don't have boobs? Go me! (Really, I just have this problem with armpits. I draw them much better from the side. )