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2013-09-26, 07:22 PM
How much would metamagic potion flasks cost?

Metamagic potion flask- A magical container that can hold one potion. It applies one metamagic feat to the potion that is drank out of it, depending on the type of flask. Any potion may be brewed or poured into a metamagic flask; however the potion must be in the flask one day in order for the metamagic to apply.

Metamagic flasks

Extend Spell
Heighten Spell

Any other feats that would work?

The Mentalist
2013-09-26, 07:37 PM
Maximize, Twin, or Repeat would help healing potions.

Persist would be immensely powerful.

2013-09-28, 06:49 AM
So the obvious problem is that the "balancing" factor of metamagic trigger and metamagic wand grips is the extra cost in charges, which a potion does not have. However, a potion costs twice what an equivalent scroll would cost, and 3.3 times an equivalent wand charge, so we could potentially use that as an excuse for allowing +1 and +2 metamagic feats. Unfortunately there's still the problem of the metamagic feat itself.

So instead, one could just make it 1/3 the price of a metamagic rod, since it can only affect one potion per day and the whole point of rods is breaking the system by not needing to have the feat or pay the cost. Normally you have to be a caster to use a rod, but you're already paying out the nose for potions to avoid the problem of not being a caster so that's dealt with. Probably the better option since Metamagic Wand Grips are clearly not priced according to any real reason. Although I don't know where they pulled the formula for metamagic rods either.

I don't see any reason to put heighten spell on a potion unless you're worried about light vs darkness or something.