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2006-12-28, 10:41 PM
Hello people! As you can see, my comic doesn't have words yet, because I am trying to find out what font to use. However, I can tell you what they are saying right here, so please give comments.


First panel: Sugar, spice and everything nice. These were the ingridiants chosen to create the perfect little geeks...

Second Panel: But Professor Unonutium accidently added an extra ingridiant to the stuff...chemical L(for loser)

Third Panel: And thus, the Powerbutt Geeks were born! Using their super powers, Blotchem, Blubbers, and Bitterbup, have dedicated their lives to fighting crim...

Fourth Panel (the guy with the red shirt is #1 and the green one is #2, for now):

#2: What kinda crappish introduction was that?!
#1: I thought we were the main characters!
#2: We are
#1: Oh
#2: And get out of my house, jerk

So any comments? This is only the first episode, and the Powderbutt Geeks does not have anything to do with the comic. The two dudes in the last panel are the main characters as they have said. Finally, forgive me for the slightly vulgar language, I couldn't think of a betetr word.

This introduction may not be as funny as others, but I did this to break the ice between a brand new comic and a reader more used to other webcomics with different styles.

2006-12-29, 06:32 AM
Please do give comments. Better still if you could provide me with a good font.

2006-12-29, 06:01 PM
For fonts, you can check out www.dafont.com.
They have all sorts of cool stuff.

But honestly? The art isn't that great. I'd practice a bit until you can get a little neater drawing style down.

2007-01-03, 02:50 PM
Excellent. Actually funny without text. Would be funnier with it, though. I ditto on the art style, but as long as you aren't using sprites...