View Full Version : Bad Machinery Thread (Plus Scary Go Round/Bobbins)

El Grapadura
2013-10-03, 10:43 AM
Hello folks. Just noticing the lack of a thread for Bad Machinery in here. I absolutely love it, it's probably a tie with OOTS for my favorite webcomic, and I was wondering if anyone else here int he playground was a fan. The end of part 2 of the current case threw me for a loop, and if anyone would like to discuss, it seems like a decent place to start.

For those who've never read it, here's the link:


There are two series the author has done involving some of the same characters, namely Bobbins and Scary Go Round (as the thread title suggests), but you can pick up Bad Machinery pretty easily without having to read through 15 years of a near-daily strip. Scary Go Round is pretty enjoyable after the first 2-3 years though, if you want to give that a go too.

Anyway, I'm going to spend the rest of the afternoon going through the current case's archives looking for those three boys who showed up in today's comic.

2013-10-03, 01:20 PM
Yeah, I'm a big fan of the comic, too. Love the current storyline.

It's a shame the comic's going to be on a break until October 14th, though.

El Grapadura
2013-10-03, 04:27 PM
Yeah it's a bummer. His cliff-hangers are always murder. It's pretty goofy he's bringing back Bobbins in the meantime. I read through some of the archives, and it's not awful, just... tedious I guess. A lot of cliched jokes really. You see glimmers of the current caliber of writing, wit and humor but mostly it's just a semi-funny office thing. With some supernatural elements every once in a while.