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2006-12-31, 09:49 PM
A dragon with levels in commoner, who talks like a hick, and lost his treasure in a poker game....

2006-12-31, 10:08 PM
And wants it back, as well as the treasure of the dragon he lost it to, and will give the adventurers who do it a cut of the profits! Thanks, I'll have to forward this quest idea to my DM! :)

Bears With Lasers
2006-12-31, 10:08 PM
I think you mean "worst".

2006-12-31, 10:09 PM
Hold up, don't dismiss the idea so readily.

Bears With Lasers
2006-12-31, 10:10 PM
No. *dimisses it*

Dark Knight Renee
2006-12-31, 10:10 PM
When I picture this dragon, I see a Brass. I also see empty bottles of ale/beer/rum/whathaveyou.

2006-12-31, 10:20 PM
No. *dimisses it*
Sheesh. Have some fun. Y'know when you do the whole stereotypical dragon thing ALL THE TIME, a little song comes to mind. The song is 'Clones' by Ash. Ever heard of it? Cus that's what comes to mind unless you take a break from the seriousness of the game once in awhile, and have a character that breaks from the norm.

Bears With Lasers
2006-12-31, 10:21 PM
You're assuming I do the whole stereotypical dragon thing all the time, never take a break from the seriousness of the game, and have no characters that break from the norm.

2006-12-31, 10:28 PM
No, that's just the impression your giving me.

2006-12-31, 10:29 PM
Meh, my dragons are just bastards who dress up as bards, then go around stealing all the chicks the PCs are trying to hook up with. When they try to kill him, "The NPC turns into a silver dragon"

2006-12-31, 10:30 PM
Call the dragon Leeroy Jenkins for extra snaggletoothed redneck yuks.

I actually hate myself for replying to this. Hereby formally request saturation Wampacannon bombardment at present grid reference. May Mod have mercy on us all.

ps: Unfortunately not the best idea ever. That honour still (and for the foreseeable future) belongs to supermarket pirates (http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/Supermarket_20Pirates).

2006-12-31, 10:35 PM
There's a big difference between funny fantasy (Terry Pratchett) and silly fantasy (like the endless, infantile "spoof" books of whatever fantasy book was just made into a movie).

Only the former amuses anyone smarter than a paper bag...

GURPS Discworld spends a few pages talking about running Pratchett-style fantasy without turning it into silly (and ultimately untenable) shtick.

Bears With Lasers
2006-12-31, 10:48 PM
No, that's just the impression your giving me.

If you're getting an impression from two tiny posts, you're definitely assuming a hell of a lot.

2006-12-31, 10:52 PM
Ok, sorry. Sheesh. Still, I'm just saying, this would be a good basis for a quickie-quest.

2006-12-31, 10:56 PM
Depends on how you motivate your PCs, y'know?

If they're good guys who help the innocent, yeah, this works. Me, the guys I play with usually go where the gold is; they'd try to hack the dude apart to sell his hide for gp.

2006-12-31, 11:00 PM
I was actually thinking of an encounter kind of like that, minus the ale and commoner levels. The young dragon leaves to do whatever dragons do when they leave their layers and the goblins he had under his control decide to run off with his relatively small hoard. PCs find them, beat them and take their spoils which leaves them with a dragon intent on taking back what's his on their tail.

2006-12-31, 11:04 PM
Ryuuk, I like that too. Whichever works for you is good, but I like my version better.
Krossbow, that's excellent, my party's similar. If you've ever played Fire Emblem, then my party's like that: Fighting for the good of the general populace, but they prefer getting paid/rewarded very well for it.

2007-01-01, 02:56 AM
It was just a thought, didn't realize I would get such a mixed/affronted response. Can't blame a guy for chuckling about something and wanting to share.

2007-01-01, 03:27 AM
Well, technically you can...

2007-01-01, 05:29 AM
You know, on the subject of offbeat dragon stuff, an exhuberant dragon with a love of singing (a pleasent singing voice is optional), and a good number of illusion spells could be fun. He'd perform broadway musical numbers on a giant scale, illusion up a chorus line and orchestra. And be a world class poofter, polymorphing into women and flirting up the local studs. Perhaps a prismatic dragon, just for fluffy color value. Give him mannerisms to rival Patsy from Ab Fab, and a voice as flaming as a rampant brush fire.

So, you could set it up as such. This dragon does his routines within earshot of some town or city or whatever, and the townsfolk have just about shot their brains out by now. At first, it was kinda nice to have a singing and dancing dragon prancing around, but now its just friggin annoying. How many musicals can you take in one day? Enter heroic party #3467. Mayor says "Hey bubs, get that dragon to shaddap and I'll give you money and you'll get valuable life experiences." And off they go, the poor saps, to talk to a queenish dragon. Not a combat encounter, unless you'd want it to be. Course, then it'd be kinda thug-like, "The people over there dont like you singing, so now I'm going to cut you into little pieces and throw a big ole parade." But whatever. You get my point.

2007-01-01, 05:32 AM
How about you have a baby dragon that was found in the bullrushes by royalty but he rejected his royal ways at the age of sleventeen and went on to become Master and Commander of a fleet of ships that are powered by slaves known as "El hombres pantalones feo"?

His name could be..."Dan."

2007-01-01, 05:58 AM
I am imagining CG red dragon ranger who is trying to find his place in the world and throw off the reputation of his evil kin...

2007-01-01, 06:11 AM
My favorite dragon idea was a wymling brass (or was it bronze? Its the talkative one) that was adopted by a local bar. He mixed various drinks and talked to customers and had a jar called "Hoard fund" wich was where people could donate money towards the dragon's hoard. He often spilled it over and rolled around in it saying "hoardy hoard hoard". The PCs donated to it alot.

In the same town (it was a dragon themed campaign) there was a red wyrmling that the blacksmith adopted. She wandered into the village, badly hurt, starving and nearly dehydrated...and then demaned the villagers pay tribute to her and give her stuff. She passed out soon afterwards. The blacksmith adopted her, she still has that whole "I am soooo much better then you" attitude but works well in the local town. Most people just ignore her outbursts of supiriority...She comes in handy for tending to the blacksmith's fires too.

2007-01-01, 12:24 PM
I am imagining CG red dragon ranger who is trying to find his place in the world and throw off the reputation of his evil kin...

2007-01-01, 12:39 PM
My favorite two dragons are a brass dragon and a shadow dragon who have partnered to run a bar. Being that their personalities are complete opposites, the bar was split into two, with racous raving parties being held every night on one side and all the bitter drunks and emos on the other.

For some reason, my party gravitated toward the emo side (Perhaps because Munwythrix, ie, "emo dragon" is the only being they know of who can cast analyze dwoemer). And last session of the game, they were hired to remodel both sides of the place and redesigned it as a tea room on one side and a Starbucks on the other.

It remains to be seen how the dragons like this new development.

2007-01-02, 02:55 AM
In DnD everything can be a gag!

2007-01-02, 11:40 AM
Damn straight, Valairn. :)