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2013-10-09, 10:58 PM
Forest Touched

The forest-touched are relatives of dryads, with less overwhelming magical power. Corruption from humanoid bloodlines has left their beauty and flexibility alive, but has severely weakened the more supernatural treats that such fey creatures are known for.

Touched are almost always at one with nature. This can manifest as a mere fondness of the outdoors, something approaching a hippy movement, or even a full on guardianship of the forest, as their older cousins do. This attitude makes them natural friends to druidic movements, but can also earn them heavy opposition.

Touched and Dryads can sometimes appear very similar to one another, as they both vary, and have quite some overlap. Touched tend to appear more human, generally having skin rather than bark. They are almost invariably beautiful, and have a slight tendency towards femininity - and, in fact, a slightly skewed female to male ratio in their population.

Relations With Other Races
Elves get on famously well with dryads, and their cousins follow the same general lines. A majority of forest touched are in fact of elven descent, although there are forest touched amongst most races. The least common by a margin are the dwarves, renowned for their mountain homes and industrial ways, followed only by the orcs.

Forest Touched are most often of good alignment, and have a slight tendency away from law, but as with most creatures, and almost all crossbreeds, their natures can vary wildly.

Touched have no lands of their own, and few communities. They often live within forests, as their name and heritage would imply. However, there are similar races that live in most environments containing nature spirits - those touched by naiads live in the rivers, for example.

Most Forest Touched worship nature deities, if any, with most worshiping nature as a whole. Those raised amongst other races can show leanings towards them, but can equally be pushed away, becoming their most hateful enemies.

Forest Touched often speak Sylvan, but generally speak the language of their other heritage.

Common Names
Names tend to match the parent species, although they have a high quantity of obvious puns – flower names being the most common.

Forest Touched are not common adventurers, due to their common links with plant life.

Forest Touched Racial Traits
Abilities: +2 Dex, -2 Con, +2 Wis, +2 Cha. Like dryads, they are wise, personable, and nimble, but not that tough.
Size: Medium.
Type: Forest Touched are humanoids, but they are also affected by effects that specifically target fey.
Movement Rate: 30ft land
Wild Empathy: Forest Touched can use Wild Empathy as if a level one druid.
Natural Talent: If a Forest Touched takes levels in druid, they cast spells as if they had one more level in Druid than they did, to a maximum of their effective character level.
Favoured Class: Druid, Beguiler, Beastmaster
LA: +2

Racial Feats
Prerequisites: Are Forest Touched
Penalty: Designate a single plant. Its’ lifespan is equal to your own, and it shares your hit point total. You may not move further than one mile, plus one mile per four character levels from it.
Benefit: Two bonus feats.
Special: Taking this flaw counts as two flaws.
Normal: You can live without a shrubbery.

Tree Meld
Prerequisites: Plantbound Flaw
Benefit: By spending a full round action in contact with your plant, you meld into it. Only True Seeing will see you within it. It requires another full round action to leave. You may remain within indefinitely, but may leave a number of times per day equal to your highest mental ability modifier.
Normal: You have a house. Not a tree.

Healing Roots
Prerequisites: Tree Meld
Benefit: While melded with your tree, you have fast healing 2, and can regrow lost limbs.
Normal: Herbal medicine is not so efficient.

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Most Forest Touched worship nature deities, if any, with most worshipping nature as a hole.

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