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2007-01-01, 09:29 PM
I discovered this comic last year but unfortunately lost it for a time. I began reading it again today and enjoy it thoroughly. The author sites OOTS as his main inspiration for starting the comic. It is done with action figures and a still motion camera, as well as photoshop and other computer tools. I noticed that he posted here nearly a year ago when I searched for any mention of the comic, but doubt that he is still active.

Enough rambling, here's the link:

Puns and pop culture references ahoy! (http://www.actionfigurecomics.com/potb/potb001.shtml)

2007-01-01, 09:31 PM
Yup. I read this one.

2007-01-01, 09:48 PM
Yup. I read this one.

I'm not surprised. I seem to stumble upon you in every related D&D comic I discover. Not that that's a bad thing. Heck, the only time I was surprised to see you was when I saw you here. I knew who you were from lurking at the Goblins forum and hadn't discovered your all permeating forum powers.

2007-01-01, 09:50 PM
Hehe! :biggrin:

2007-01-09, 04:59 PM
Thanks, flabbicus, for the post! Glad you still like Perils.

I'm still around, I just rarely post.

PS: I'm adding a scifi photographic novel (Dark Omen Dawning) to my website later this year. Hope you like it.