View Full Version : Best in Show - Read and Comment!

The Extinguisher
2007-01-01, 10:01 PM
Shameless plugging on other webcomics forums. Thats how the pros do it.

Anyway, I'm here to introduce my comic, Best in Show (http://bestinshow.smackjeeves.com/).
The art isn't mine, but considering the artist doesn't post on these boards, it's my duty, as the author to inform the masses.


2007-01-30, 10:44 AM
I like the first comic. It's got a good sense of humor to it. Two suggestions, if I may:
1) The artwork needs cleaned up a lot and more defined. Inking would help.
2) As funny as it is, it might be a little long. If you cut one or two frames, I think it would help deliver the punchline even better!

Good luck with it!