View Full Version : Need Help With: Chameleon Base Class

2013-10-17, 02:19 AM
I want to make the Chameleon Prc a Base class instead. As many know the Chameleon only has 10 levels of progression and is fairly powerful due to that.

I also want to change it so that spells work more like Psionics and must use Mana Points to cast spells and can cast spells of any level so long as they possess the MP to do so.

Also make it a full 9th level spell progression.

Can anyone help, or more importantly make a table for it? I don't know how.

2013-10-17, 02:40 AM
You want a 9th level caster that can cast any spell and that can emulate other classes directly if being amazingly overpowered gets too boring?

You should redefine your expectations of what a Chameleon base class should look like.

2013-10-17, 03:28 AM

Try this.