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2013-10-20, 06:11 PM
So,to keep the demons of Internet boredom away,I've been reading webcomics.
Trouble is,I read quickly,and would like some new ones. I like fantasy or comedy,or fantasycomedy.

Any suggestions? Remember,only you can keep the boredom demons away!

Before you ask,I am re-reading Oots.

2013-10-20, 07:09 PM
Oh, oh, I know!

Try GenCrawl (http://wildwestscifi.net/?p=6051). It's a rogue-like that tries to be funny at times. :smallwink:

2013-10-21, 03:45 AM
Oh, oh, I know!

Try GenCrawl (http://wildwestscifi.net/?p=6051). It's a rogue-like that tries to be funny at times. :smallwink:

Posting our own webcomics, are we? :smalltongue:

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2013-10-21, 06:48 AM
I've been reading webcomics... and would like some new ones.
I like fantasy or comedy,or fantasycomedy.
You noticed the sticky posting at the top of this forum ?

2013-10-21, 07:46 AM
Our Little Adventure (http://danielscreations.com/ola/) is a fantasy comedy with some darker elements at times. The art style improved on the OotS style, but OotS tend to feel more worked through. It's still a really good comic, though.

If you like the RPG system Exalted (and even if you don't; a common side effect of reading it is starting to like Exalted :smallwink:), I can recommend Keychain of Creation (http://keychain.patternspider.net/). Again with an OotS-like art style (for the great majority of its run, anyway), it just like OotS soon makes you forget about the underlying system and enjoy the comic for what it is. Unfortunately, it's been left hanging in the middle of story arc for two years due to the author getting tendonitis. What's there is supremely good, however.

Oh, and I'm kind of assuming you've read 8-Bit Theater (http://www.nuklearpower.com/2001/03/02/episode-001-were-going-where/)?

2013-10-21, 10:25 AM
Posting our own webcomics, are we? :smalltongue:

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Never leave out a chance to shill your own goods. :smalltongue:

2013-10-21, 11:21 AM
Never leave out a chance to shill your own goods. :smalltongue:

Sounds like good advice. (http://willsaveworldforgold.com/)

Ninja Dragon
2013-10-21, 01:42 PM
Here are the ones I read:

OOTS: duh

Darths and Droids: tabletop RPG comic which pretends that Star Wars is a game played by 6 friends, who make up the story as they play. It changes the original dialogue and plot of the movies while keeping the same images, and actually improves the plot over the original. Notable for making Jar Jar likable.

Goblins: Another RPG comic (yeah I love these) about 5 Goblins who decide to pick PC classes to fight against the PCs who are killing them. Starts as a parody comic like OOTS, but quickly escalates into a tale of epic proportions and LOTS of deaths and drama.

Mokepon: Funny anime/game 1st generation pokemon parody, about an anti-social teenager who is forced by his mother to go on a pokemon journey, even though he would rather stay home to watch his favorite series. Very good plot and humor, but moves really slowly.

Dr. McNinja: Insane comedy/action comic about a Ninja who is also a Doctor and likes to act as Batman. Notable for having a completely crazy plot with absurd characters and still being able to have everything make sense.

xkcd: Comedic comic with nerd/geek jokes about science, language, math and the internet. It doesn't have a plot at all, and it has very minimalist art, but it's so unique and intelligent that it's worth reading.

Gunnerkrig Court: A comic about two girls studying in a Harry Potter-like board school, full of mystery, suspense, magic, and lots of weird stuff, from robots to american indian gods. Has a very thick and mysterious plot, but is not hard to understand and it's heavy on characterization, with likable characters and some good humor.

Homestuck: best webcomic ever made. Enough said.

Or if you want me to elaborate, a webcomic about 4 kids who play a game that teleports them to another dimension, and the plot quickly escalates from there, featuring aliens, time travel, multiple realities, alternate selves, apocalyptical scenarios, and the most complicated and thick plot I've ever seem in any work of fiction. Also includes a great deal of internet humor, shipping, parodies of everything you can imagine, and shenanigans. Notable for being a webcomic that is also a book that is also a series of flash animations that is also a parody of text based games. Not recommended if you are not willing of letting go of your family, friends and work for at least 2 weeks after beginning the read. Because you won't be able to stop until you finish.