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2013-10-21, 05:18 PM
Hi everyone,

Recently I used a System Restore tool to fix problems with my computer, but this has led to a particularly annoying new problem in turn. Before reinstalling the system files, C:\Documents and Settings had 3 folders in it: Adminstrator, All Users, and HP_Administrator. Afterwards, there was also the new folder HP_Administrator.YOUR-4DACD0EA75. The problem is that the user profile HP_Administrator is now using this new folder, whereas the old HP_Administrator folder has a bunch of my old files in it. So now things are missing from my desktop, my bookmarks are all gone, various software is no longer installed, etc.

So obviously what I want to do is to get an account, ideally HP_Administrator, to use the correct folder, but I've searched for hours now and I still don't know how to do that. I tried creating a new account, logging in as that, and deleting the new folder, but when I logged back in as HP_Administrator the new folder had been regenerated. For some stupid reason.

This is getting to be rather frustrating. The system restore tool preserved my data files, as promised, but now I can't get the operating system to USE them as normal! At first I didn't even know where my old files were or if they had actually been saved, and only found them because I saw where Norton antivirus was scanning.

I could try copying files and/or renaming folders and hope for the best, but I don't even know what problems that might lead to. I'm by no means a particularly advanced user, and I'm pretty uncomfortable with the idea of messing around with the registry, which I've gathered is another thing that might be able to fix this, somehow.

Arg! Is there even a chance that this problem has a simple, straightforward solution? It seems like there OUGHT to be some relevant variable somewhere that could just be reset.

2013-10-22, 01:29 AM
There's a tool called the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard that might help--I think that just transfers the settings and stuff from the active profile (e.g. the new one), though; been a long time since I used it. I don't know of any other way to do this sort of thing.

2013-10-23, 12:22 PM
It will be some setting in your registry.

You should be able to find and fix this with RegEdit simply by searching for the HP_Administrator string.

The first thing you should do when using RegEdit is export your registry so that you have a backup. RegEdit is a powerful tool which can screw up your PC as easily as fixing it, but a backup will protect you.