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2007-01-03, 07:45 PM
((This is in the mountains, for those who want to know))

High up in the mountains, near the top of one of the smaller mountains, there is a cave, the mouth of the cave is coved in ice,and around the mouth is coverd in snow, even in the middle of summer.

At the top of the cave mouth are Elven ruins, and at the bottom, like a welcome mat, are Draconic runes, but unless you can read Dragon runes or Elven script, you have no idea what they could say, but in common, on a sign post, it says:

I Better Be Expecting You...

And as if to prove a point, at the bottom of the sing it has a skull, of what, you can't be sure, but it could be a monkey skull, but something tells you its not...


A shadowy figrure, with wings and a reptilein tail, comes out of the cave mouth...

and lets out a BIIIGGGG yawn!!!!

((Yes, sorry, no big evil dragon in here...unless you count Zira :smallsmile: ))

Well that was a nice nap wasen't it Zira?....Zira? She turns back to the cave mouth. WAAAIIIIITTTTTTT!!!!! A small fariy dragon zooms out of the cave like it was shot out of a canon. Relax Zira. The half dragon smiles, and pets the fariy dragon, "Zira" on the head. oh...ok Mistress! Oh please, when will you just call me Ilaissa? Zira will call the Mistress, Mistress for as long as Zira wants! A little sigh from the Half Dragon at this. Ok...I need to strech my wings a bit, wanna fly Zira? After Breakfast! *sigh* Of course... she smiles, and goes off to hunt her cave for some tidbits to eat.
(( Think about it, its like one big freezer in there, i dont think food would EVER go off in there! ))

While Ilaissa looks in her Ice Cave, Zira stands on the sign post, mutting to herself about how the Mistress never liked visaters, and as nice as sharing riddles is, that Zira would MUCH like to talk to someone else...if only the Mistress would take this dreadful sign away...

((what do you think of my enterence?? feel free to come talk to Zira, Ilaissa will be gone for a bit, and you don't want a Fariy Dragon to get bourd would you??? WOULD YOU???))

2007-01-04, 05:40 PM
Ilaissa comes out of the cave, calls to Zira to come inside,ZIRAAAAA! and both Dragon and Half-Dragon go in to the cave, with Zira trying to take out the sign, Stupid sign...

Later Ilassia and Zira, letting out a dragons mighty roar, fly over the mountains.

2007-01-04, 05:51 PM
((Entrance was fine, and welcome to Town :)))

A large white wolf runs through the mountains and comes upon the cave. It stops and notices the sign and runes, and knowing both elven and draconic it takes a step back and looks around Hmm, that's a bit ominous...

He looks around a last time before running off

2007-01-21, 03:42 AM
Ilaissa and Zira land in at the cave mouth.

Well, Zira as you know, its time for a good long sleep.

...but Mistress...

Ilaissa laughs. ok, you can expore for a bit, just come back soon, ok Zira?

Zira nods so quickly she tumbles around in the air, Yes Mistress!

As Zira zips off down the mountain-side, Ilaissa smiles, and walks into her cave.

Zira flys up into the cave.