View Full Version : A new RPG being made by modders?!

2013-10-22, 11:11 AM
Hi there!

I'm an RPG fan, mostly of TES series.

Yesterday I saw this on Gopher's youtube channel:


According to Gopher, is made by modders.

Does anyone knows anything else about it?

2013-10-22, 11:28 AM
There was a thread about this over on the Gaming (Other) section of the forums. (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=306490)

The project seems rather ambitious - real choices means an exponential number of possible ways that the game can go, and if you're programming for each of those, you need exponentially more data. Doing it right seems rather impractical, and doing it wrong means doing it wrong.

The other thread suggests that at least some of the people involved with this project are rather opinionated and bullheaded. That is also worrisome, as it suggests that they won't actually care about feedback, even when a problem demonstrably exists. Not something you want for a CRPG developer.

2013-10-22, 01:44 PM
Thanks for letting me know, and sorry for creating a new thread about it.

About feedback, I've been on their homepage. I don't want to take part on this, but it seems they are giving answers to people's feedback and suggestions, so I'd dare to say they are behaving the opposite to those quotes.

2013-10-22, 03:50 PM
No need to panic; I'm pretty sure nobody is upset with you for posting this. Feel free to post links to their discussion; I'm curious to see how this turns out, even if I don't have high hopes for it.