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2007-01-04, 01:53 AM
Well, I was browsing through miniatures' handbook and found a second level paladin spell that doubles damage on a charge. (It says that you do not need to be wielding a lance, so I guess that it works as if wielding a lance...) Well, very first question, do you find this balanced? Anyways, to next questions...

Now, let's assume we have strenght 18 and are 10th level paladins. We smite and charge to deal 2d6 +6 +10 damage. It is doubled to 4d6 +12 +20, right?

But if we have smiting charge PHB2 variant, will we deal 4d6 +12 +40 or 4d6 +12 +60?

Also, if we have leap attack and take -3 penalty on charge, will the +9 to damage be doubled to +18 or will it just be +12 (which would be x3 "doubled". However, pa adds just damage for penalty to hit so when it is damage, it all should be multiplied, right?).

Because if I read these correctly and 10th level paladin would have leap attack and shock trooper (I think that human can get both by 10th), his whole damage of 2d6 +6 +30 would be doubled to 4d6 +12 +60 and then smite damage added four or six times more. And all of it multiplied on criticals.

(BTW, I am aware that charger paladins are efficient but they normally have the restriction of being mounted or something)

2007-01-04, 02:20 AM
^ is an astericks not a exponent in the following post.

(Damage+Str Damage^1+Other Bonus Damage^2)*(Modifers that affect the entire attack^3)

^1=Str Damage is modified by how you hold the weapon, how much you multiply the modifer is based off how you hold the weapon.

^2=Such as Power Attack (note the power attack ratio of how you switch bonus to hit for damage can be modified by feats such as leap attack), Smite, and the variant Charging Paladin

^3=All this damage is affected by Modifers that effect the entire attack, such as Charging with a Lance, and the spell Righteous Fury. Note if you charge with a lance you double damage for a charge, if you use righteous fury you double damage with a charge. You add these multiplers before multiplying them against the based damage. Thus you do triple damage with Righteous Fury and Charging with a Lap for the damage but they only work on the base amount not off each other. 100%+100%=200%, 100%+100%+100% =300% not 400% This is covered by page 134 of the Players Handbook.

2007-01-04, 04:17 AM
Math is delicious!

(Cookie to those who get the reference)

Nonetheless, that's a pretty fun use of Charging... But I never liked the look of an unmounted lance wielder.