View Full Version : Interesting guilds/orgonizations/cults/cultures thread

2013-10-22, 02:28 PM
Hello playgrounders!
I've been working on a campaign setting and inside of it are a lot of organizations cultures and the like. I thought it would be cool to list and/or discuss interesting ones you've come across/made either in an actual campaign or just in literature or television.

One from television: Anime - Durarara
In the show Durarara is an intelligent sword, phsycha, who wants to love humans. She does this by cutting them. Those she cuts become her children and they also go around cutting people to show their love. I always found it to be a very interesting way to spread a cult.

One from a campaign I'm in: Culture - Marine
There is a kingdom called Marine where your social status is shown by how awesome your beard is. Some of the more eccentric beards are dyed and look like they have strands of licorice in them or are braided intricately. Also, Mariners are, you guessed it, seamen and have some of the best ships around for charter.

What interesting organizations, cults, cultures and what have you have you seen/made?