View Full Version : How would you price this item?

2013-10-23, 12:20 PM
Amulet of Deflection: Once per day as an immediate action, you can gain a +20 deflection bonus to your AC which applies to the next attack rolled against you only. If not used within one round the effect expires.


2013-10-23, 04:33 PM
I... have used that exact... same... thing before.

In one of my campaigns, we had a fighter/wizard who made for himself an amulet that worked like that, using a spell he made called true armor (similar to true strike, but to AC, with said restrictions).

Anyways, the point is, I have no idea how to price it, but am shocked at the similarity of the two items. Cool idea, bro.:smallamused:

2013-10-23, 04:50 PM
Decide on an effective spell level. I'd say this is about equal to Wings of Cover (which is an overpowered 2nd level spell) with some major advantages and possibly disadvantages if Wings of Cover could decide if it actually gave you total cover or simply some 9/10th cover as effects that can't overcome total cover can overcome it :smallconfused:

Overall, though, I'd probably say it's about a level 2.5 spell, either really strong at Lv 2 or on the weak side at level 3, but I'd peg it up for that. And yeah I had a "True Shield" spell before Immediate actions so it ended up lasting till the next time you were attacked within 24 hours (and I overestimated its level then to 5, the same as quickened true strike; I was young).

Overall though I'd say... 5400 GP. 3 (spell level) x 5 (caster level chosen for a nice round number) x 1 (uses per day)/5 x 1800 (command word activation). Perfect? No. Usable? Probably. The once per day limitation makes it a reasonable little effect.

2013-10-23, 07:35 PM
Great minds think alike, Thunder. Thanks. Actually, it is my nerfing of an item in a module I'm planning to run, a conversion of Necropolis by Gary Gygax.

The original item allows the wearer to choose one attack to negate even after he knows if it hit. There's another version of the item in an appendix which does the same but up to three times per day, presumably as a free action so all three could be in the same round. The module prices the latter item at a mere 3,600 gp :smalleek:

Zaydos, thanks, though that seems low to me. That spell should be called Broken Wings :smallmad:

A 5th level spell sounds more reasonable to me, so maybe 16.2k.

There's one NPC opponent in the module who has the item. I wanted to get a feel for how powerful it is, especially since a PC could end up with it.