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2013-10-24, 08:22 AM
OK, so this started as a comedy relief thing, trying to give characters something to do while we waited for others to get around to posting. But it kind of went overboard. Anyway, I figured I might as well see where it goes.
The following is posted from an in character explanation of the rules I've thought of so far:

Well, it's basically a business game. You start off as a worker in a business, and either try to help that business against its competitors, rise within the ranks (potentially taking the business over) or both.

There are two ways to play, either the players work together, for the same business, or they each work for rival businesses.

Let's see... the basic mechanic uses three of these numbered cubes the mortals call "dice." And you add a modifier to it against a given difficulty rating. Having a total equal to or greater than the DR means you succeed, unless it's an opposed check, in which case you have to beat your opponent's check. Ties are resolved by unmodified rolls of a single cube, until one player gets a higher result.

To build a character, you take build points, the number of which depends on the power level being played, and buy starting attributes, then chose a profession path. The path you chose determines which skills you can specialize in, though you can train in unassociated skills, but not as much.

The attributes are: Endurance (which determines how long you can work before you have to rest, and how well you perform at physical skills)

Cunning (Which affects your ability to learn new things (i.e. how many skill points you get) and how well you can perform at information-related skills.)

and Sociality: (Which affects your ability to influence others, maintain social networks, and affects your social skills.)

The career paths you can chose are:

Artisan, who make things for their companies.

Salesman, who convinces people to buy your company's products

Accountant, who ensures products are paid for, and that the company pays its debts.

and Manager, who coordinates teams composed of members of the other classes.