View Full Version : Forbidden Nothingness

2007-01-04, 02:48 PM
Gemini's home plane. The sky is black, with traces of light everywhere, the ground is hard, floating rock. Outside is usually desolate, and fissures often occur opening up the ground into nothing. There is an extremly tall spire in the center of the realm. Inside, there is bright light shining through stained glass, and Solars and celestials reside here, some keeping watch. At the top of the tower is Gemini's throne. It is covered in gold and has ebony lining. The throne is indestructable and all who sit on it (Except Gemini) will be teleported outside then struck by lightning. Voids occasionally open up to swallow matter, then disappear. The tower is richly decorated, with paintings of Gemini and the Guild hang.

Floor index:
First-Main Room
Second-Feast Hall
Third-Execution Room
Fourth-Magic etc. Room
Fifth-Throne Room