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2013-10-25, 04:55 AM
The Telrend are a race of tall and strong people who make up what they lack in speed with raw power. They usually fight with hand to hand but have been known to use large two-handed weapons. They often do not have much in the way of smarts, but on a occasion have broken from the brutish way. Their tribes Dwell in valleys between mountians.

Physical Desciption
The Telrend a 7 foot all man with hulking mussles, they have little if not no body hair. They hace large flat head that are very fat. Once they pass a tribe ritual where they fight another member they gain tatoos which can be anything from a snake to wolf.

Telrend society is tribsl and very barbaric, thye have many rituals which mark milestones in their live like birth, adulthood and Death. When they become adults they must fight another member of the tribe in one on one combat. If they pass they gain a title of an animal and a tatoo of their title animal. Every time they do something notable they gain another tatoo. The tribe Cheiften is the member with the most tatoos.

The few relations that Telrends have are few and the ones that they do have are with other mountain folk like Dwarfs and gnomes. They are also seen as threats in combat by other races and will be targeted or completly avoided.

Alignment and Religon
Telrend tribes each have their set of deities and patrons. Traveling Telrend may adopt the gods of other tribes or even the regular deities. They are normally chaotic neutral, as they will do almost anything to better their postion in their tribe.

It is not rare to see a traveling Telrend as they adventure to seek opportunities to carry out deeds to give them fame and more tatoos.

Telrend Racial Traits

+2 STR +2 CON -2 DEX
Thick Skin: Telrend naturally have thick skin which gives them a +1 natural armor to their AC
Big Bone: The size of the Telrend body gives them the toughness feat.
Charging Strength: A telrend gain a +2 the a Bull Rush combat manuver checks
Big Hands: When a Telrend is smashing an object it gain a +2 to STR.
Brawler: The Telrend have refined the art of unarmed fighting and gain the Improved Unarmed Strike feat
Rite of Strength: Once a Telrend becomes an adult it gains the power to 1/per day cast the Bull Strength spell.