View Full Version : Break this feat: Divergent Truths

2013-10-26, 08:20 AM
Divergent Truths:
You realize that sometimes there is more then one path to truth, and so have chosen to walk more then one.
Prereqs: Must have taken an alternate class feature OR must have had the chance to take an alternate class feature but didn't take it.
Benefit: Choose one of the following benefits:
-Select an alternate class feature you possess. You gain the class feature(s) it replaces, without losing the alternate class feature.
-Select an alternate class feature could have taken. You gain that alternate class feature, without losing the class feature(s) it replaces.
Special: You can gain this feat multiple times. Each time you take the feat, it applies to a new alternate class feature.

2013-10-26, 08:25 AM
It's already broken?

2013-10-26, 08:28 AM
does rage stack with whirling frenzy? Could be pretty nasty. Also means druids can get shapeshift, animal companion and wildshape.

2013-10-26, 08:34 AM
Psionic Artificer is the obvious candidate.

I'd be able to get Mantled Erudite, Spell to Power Erudite, and Discipline Erudite all on the same character, for three feats (one just from taking the ACF normally). Not necessarily too much more broken than the acfs are in the first place but would expand options notably.

Class features are not created equal and really there is no need for them to be, so this feat would have wide variance in utility, which is in line with feats as they are, but not necessarily as they should be.

Edit: Oh yeah, that druid ACF that replaces a great number of features would indeed be pretty fierce on top of wildshape ... and add rage + additional fast movement from druidic avenger with another feat and you can practically gestalt for the price of feats ...

Edit 2: No, you explicitly can't use Whirling Frenzy while using any other form of rage or similar ability (presumably such as Ferocity or the uh ... sohei's ability, if you could somehow get rage to keep working while lawful).

2013-10-26, 08:42 AM
Alright then, feat is broken as hell. Thank you everyone.