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2013-10-27, 12:45 AM

Ok, had a good night of playing and even recieved a messed up treat that I need the highly intelligent people here to help me with.

We were playing in Ravenloft tonight and after epicly failing a will save (rolled a 1 lol) I got to roll on the dm's wonderful fear and horror chart. After rolling 3 sets of percentile dice the dm told me the shock was so severe that my mind snapped. I then was told to rp as would a young girl raised in a noble house, and is very hateful torwards everyone and expecially the males of the group.

Confused I did so and got a few laughs from the party. after 10 minutes of play he rolled behind the screen and passed me a not saying I was to rp as an inexperienced seaman. Again I did so. this happened 3 more times throughout the night becoming myself a scholor, then a shady man who was born on the streets.

When the evening ended I helped the dm clean up a bit from playing and had to ask what that was about. Apparently the check I made inflicted me wity multi personality syndrome. So at times I experience stress I roll percentiles and the results will be as follows.

01 -75 : No changes
76 -80 : Armond the rouge
81 -90: Hagstad the sailor
91-95: Bernard the librarian
96-100: Stelletta the daughter of an imaginary drow house.

The dm told me that this is a permanate change to my character, but can be remedied by a well cast divine spell. I told him I actually enjoyed the randomness of the personalities and wouldnt mind staying this way. He told me to think it over to make sure it would be playable as is for me, and if I decided to stay that way, he may allow some cool features like each persona have its own class.

All at level 1 mind you, but still would be an interesting undertaking. I would like some opinions from you guys. Should I do it or get a cure? If I stay all my abilities stay the same which are

str: 16 dex: 18 con: 15int: 11 wis :10 cha: 10


Epsilon Rose
2013-10-27, 02:31 AM
I'm unfamiliar with ravenloft, but if each of the personalities are at level 1, wouldn't that be a massive liability? Unless that's in addition to your normal class or you're at level one anyways.

2013-10-27, 03:55 AM
Are you interested om actual information about Dissociative Identity Disorder or just want us to tell you what to do?

From a purely mechanical point of view, get rid of it as soon as possible. The few situations where it might be useful (vs. scrying or Detect Thoughts or Detect Lie, etc.) are so few and situational that it entirely outwighed by the problems the multiple personalities will cause.

But this is Ravenloft and supposed to be horror and roleplaying. If you think you can handle it, by all means do so. A fun and memorable character is always preferable to one who is competant but bland. I have some old articles on how to portray mental disorders in general and DID in particular lying around my harddisk, if you're interested.