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2013-10-27, 01:47 AM
I have a massive Hexographer map that I am using for players to explore and discover a world aroubd them, I have so far been saving chunks of map as PNG files and filling hexes in with Gray for things they dont have LOS for, but with 6 players scattered across the map, this is.. Dificult.

Is there a way to, preferably online, create the same Hex based map, and put a FoW layer on it?

2013-10-27, 07:59 AM
Maptools (rptools.net) is a virtual tabletop that can operate in squares or hexes.

It has fog-of-war and line-of-sight options, including 'use individual views' and 'use individual FOW'. With both of those on, you will only see what your token/character sees and things that the GM has set for everyone to see.

Other than that, make the master image, cover-up what can't be seen and save a copy. Send that image to just the player who can see it and trust that they don't share it OOC.

Roak Star
2013-10-28, 12:48 AM

you can upload your map image and dynamically change what the players can see.